Delivery Happiness Platform

Date Posted on 14th Sep 2017 in Blog

Introducing Our Delivery Happiness Platform

86% of consumers consider delivery to be part of their purchase experience. Consumer’s repeat purchase and reference are driven by the experience and delivery happen to be the only physical contact for the online consumer. This makes organization ask - what is our delivery happiness score and what are we doing to improve it? We know it's complex and you don’t have the answer for all.

That is why we have launched Delivery Happiness Platform at FarEye which helps you to:-

Engage - A web application for your customers to stay engaged with you. He can see the shipment status, ETA and live location of the shipment

Empower - Options are something we all love as consumers. Provide enriching experience to your customer by providing options to choose the delivery location, preference or personalized message like don’t ring the bell, my son is sleeping.

Measure - You can’t afford to not measure experience especially if you’re in customer facing the industry. Implement an easy way for your consumer to provide feedback at the time of delivery.

Track - No matter how large operations you run, you can’t afford to live dashboard to measure the delivery performance and happiness score of your operations.

Improve - Create a simple workflow for your support team to speak with your customer and hear what did you do wrong. FarEye helps you monitor your delivery agents based on the delivery experience and don’t miss to incentivize the best ones.

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