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Date Posted on 19th May 2016 in Blog

Large organisations today, have complexity in managing orders and it this in turn, escalates supply-chain costs and also the inaccurate promises. A centralized view of orders cuts down the complexities, and enables them to identify and rectify the issues before they become an issue for the customers.

Challenges faced in managing orders:

(i) Higher costs/ more time taken in solving the issue: Without a centralised view of orders, it would be difficult for the operations manager to prioritize, which field worker is right to assign the order or which route to assign in order to reach to the customer quickly.

(ii) Poor Customer Service: With no proper view of orders, it becomes difficult for the manager/organisation to keep the promise and deliver to the customer. This shows a serious impact on timescales and customer satisfaction.


By integrating with the existing ERP’s & CRM’s, FarEye’s order engine creates a centralised order management system that helps in delivering significant operational benefits including:
(i) Centralised order monitoring : Helps in viewing the orders, get an overview of operations, drill down based on branch, status, search etc.

(ii) Unprecedented control over order processes: Enables field managers to manage the orders, assign the order to the field executive and resolve an issue when the order is getting delayed.
(iii) Efficient handling of complex orders: Clear & centralised order management helps in handling the complex orders hub-wise or branch-wise.



For organisations dealing with order management on a day-to-day level, order orchestration engine fulfil more orders, lowers the cost, increase profitability per order, helps in delivering the orders as promised.


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