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  •  Complete supply chain visibility has risen from sixth most important strategic priority in 2015 to third in 2017
  • Only 6% of firms have achieved this aim

Supply chains across the globe are aiming to achieve complete visibility of all processes for real-time collaboration and seamless visibility amongst all the stakeholders and the processes.

FarEye defines supply chain visibility as connecting companies and giving the entire network access to information via a single platform.

As companies expand globally and rely more on geographically dispersed partners, vendors and customers, FarEye enables supply chain professionals to tighten reins on their business function and make their processes interconnected to improve efficiency along with an added layer of real-time visibility, control and accountability.

to address one of the fundamental issues facing the industry – greater visibility. Backed by Artificial Intelligence and advanced Machine-Learning algorithms, mobility in a supply chain FarEye has designed Business Process Management Engine for FarEye’s unique capability enables enterprises to customise workflows and blend logistics & IT to make supply chains ‘SMARTER’ with Cloud and Mobility. It creates a reliable supply chain with complete visibility for all in-transit inventory, from origin to final destination.

It provides predictable global logistics with real-time visibility with :

  • Transactions Panel Containing Complete Details Of Each Individual Shipment
  • Call Logs
  • Geo Locations
  • Customer Signature Collected As Proof Of Delivery


  • Mobile order management system for live updates and proof of delivery and transparency for damaged goods
  • Smart dashboards for KPI measurement. Seamless dashboard across all 3PL partners and transporters makes KPI measurement of delivery executives and transporters effortless
  • Capacity planning for FTL for optimization
  • Integration with GPS devices and temperature sensors
  • Intelligent process for ETA, item-level tracking and event specific alerts. An intelligent dispatch engine for increasing the capacity utilization and prioritizing time-specific orders
  • across rail, air, Multimodal visibility ship and truck. It provides end to end view of shipment details, tracking and tracing parcels along with business intelligence & smart analytics
  • Multi-party visibility for your buyers can track the order stage & status
  • Transactional Visibility gives a common platform to all vendors, suppliers and stakeholders. Also, eliminates paperwork & reduces confusion.

8 in 10 firms are using between one and three KPIs to assess supply chain performance

To know how to you can make your supply chains ‘smarter’ and gain complete visibility, get in touch today!

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