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Date Posted on 3rd Apr 2016 in Blog

Youth-led, fast-moving startup has become such a cliche that it's even been mocked in pop culture. FarEye is proving itself to be otherwise - not a run of the mill start-up - moving away from the stereo type.  FarEye have modeled its aesthetic much more than sleek office and fun perks. The innovative and energetic vibe exhibited by our team can be boiled down to four themes that connect the “ethos” of the company: passion, personality, agility and authenticity.

The three pillars of our team are: idea, business model and culture.

Fun & Fitness session:

One of FarEye’s perks is all about getting people not only out of the office, but our mission is to help people thrive through a fit and active lifestyle. We believe in providing an improved morale, greater self-esteem  and lower stress levels to our team. Here is a glimpse of fun & fitness session we organised recently. Team FarEye actively jogged around the lake and the greens in the Deer Park. 

FarEye Team in Deer Park

Annual Trip:Short excursions are perfect for team building exercises, especially when sprinkled with a lot of fun. This January, we took a two-day trip to the beautiful McLeodganj. Whether we went trekking to the Bhagsu falls or visited the Tea Gardens, the entire team did everything together with a laidback vibe. We had one of the most peaceful experiences in the Dalai Lama Temple when we sat down to experience the power of Buddhist chants. The trip gave us an opportunity to rejuvenate for the upcoming week with a relaxing campfire and an energetic DJ dance event.

 Trek to the Shiva Cafe


FarEye Team DJ Dance


FarEye Team in Deer Park-3           


                                                                                                                   FarEye Team DJ Dance   

             FarEye Team Near Swimming Pool

                                                                                              FarEye Team in Deer Park-4

Women’s Day Celebrations:

This year’s Women’s Day celebrations highlighted the extraordinary women in our office who have contributed to the FarEye journey. Respect and equality both feature prominently in our vision for the company.

Women’s Day Celebrations in Office 1                                                                                                                                                                                                             Women’s Day Celebrations in Office 2

Festivals At FarEye:

We cannot resist celebrating every Indian festival that comes along. The team is extremely enthusiastic, which was quite evident during Holi celebrations. We asked them to come into work on Holi (and they did, despite a few grumbles), and surprised them with lots of colors, water balloons, and bhaang!

Holi Celebrations in Office                                    

                                                                                                                          X-Mas Celebrations in Office

Recreation In The Workplace:

Some of the best companies rank high on best places to work at because of the culture they develop and foster in the office which is why we promote a healthy mix of work and fun right in the office. Whether it is taking a ten-minute coffee break every two hours or coming to work at 6 am, we encourage employees to chart out their schedule the way it works for them.

Want to be a part of our cool corporate lifestyle? Then drop your resume to: contact@fareye.in



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