Supply Chain Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Date Posted on 5th Dec 2017 in Blog

Technology at the back of  cloud computing is enabling breakthrough innovation in global Logistics & Supply Chain industry.  On the other hand blurring boundaries between the countries have opened up the market for cross-border eCommerce thus creating a need for digitized logistics. According to BCG, global cross-border eCommerce will reach between $250 billion and $350 billion in 2025, up from $80 billion in 2014, with Asia, Europe and North America accounting for 40%, 25% and 20% of the market respectively.

Increase Your Perfect Order Score With Electronic Proof Of Delivery (ePOD)

Date Posted on 31st Oct 2017 in Blog

Customer expectations are changing the landscape and redefining the way organisations function and deliver goods and services. Organisations today need new avenues, that help create value through service differentiation, and in Logistics, it is a point of delivery that is a magical moment to create the difference. Today’s tech-savvy customers simply expect more as they make more purchases - both offline and online. With evolving customer expectations, a smooth last mile experience is imperative in order to ensure brand loyalty.

Machine Learning Based Vehicle Routing Software

Date Posted on 30th Oct 2017 in

How does a warehouse manager plan the most optimal routes for delivering 5000 shipments in a day with 500 bike riders to various parts of the city? The task of assigning specific packets and most optimal route suggestions to each rider is a very complex task, especially as the volume of shipments or geographic region expands. Imagine the same daily life challenge in the pure mathematical or statistical notations, there will be ‘n’ number of workforce moving through ‘m’ nodal points through ‘x’ routes to meet ‘y’ customers. Feeling lost? Yes, this happens in logistics industry too. This problem is known as Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP), a nightmare for organisations with the huge workforce. Mathematicians and computer scientists have been working on algorithms to solve the TSP or vehicle routing problem for over half a century now.

Omni Channel Logistics

Date Posted on 25th Oct 2017 in Blog

Consumer buying behavior is changing drastically with the growing internet penetration and availability of smartphones in abundance and at a cheap price point. With ample sources available, it is becoming easy and quick for consumers to search, evaluate, purchase, pay and return the products. The reality that lies ahead of these changes is that - a customer can engage with a brand through omnichannel, anytime.

Distribution logistics

Date Posted on 23rd Oct 2017 in Blog

Distribution logistics entails a wide range of activities including receiving, processing and delivering orders to end customers. The objective of adopting smart distribution logistics is to take finished products from production line to the end consumers in the fastest, safest, cost-effective, and the most reliable way. While on one hand, it leads to cost and resource savings for the organization, the customer experience also becomes better with more predictability of the delivery timeframe. Cloud and mobility driven distribution logistics to provide a wide set of optimization methodologies and tools which can be applied to one or more of the key touch points in the consumer product journey.


Smart Logistics

Date Posted on 23rd Oct 2017 in

86% of consumers believe that delivery is an important part of their online shopping experience. Therefore, logistics is no more a backend function but plays a very important role in gaining competitive advantage in the highly cluttered e-commerce and retail industry. Logistics companies must invest in new flexible, scalable and future-oriented technologies that will make their operations smarter, more effective, and efficient.

Machine Learning Based Geo Coding & Intelligent Geo Fencing

Date Posted on 11th Oct 2017 in Blog

Save up to 40% of delivery time and fuel

Reduce route planning time by 95%

Imagine a situation - You have 1000 parcels to deliver to unique addresses and your truck has a capacity of 100 parcels. The number of possible combinations from one address to other could be {C(1000,100)}


(Whooping 140 digits!)

A computer would take some days and a human - some years with a lot of coffee to check for the most optimized sequence based on distance and travel time for these many numbers of possibilities.

FarEye’s dynamic auto-routing is an answer to this huge challenge!


Supply Chain Visibility

Date Posted on 5th Oct 2017 in

Supply chains across the globe are aiming to achieve complete visibility of all processes for real-time collaboration and seamless visibility amongst all the stakeholders and the processes.

FarEye defines supply chain visibility as connecting companies and giving the entire network access to information via a single platform.

Five Reasons Why You Should Be At Post & Parcel Expo, Geneva

Date Posted on 22nd Sep 2017 in Blog

One of the world’s largest conference for the logistics & tech enthusiasts - Post & Parcel Expo - 2017 would present the trends around strategy, business and innovation - amidst a pool of postal, courier and express industry giants. In today’s world where we exist with the Amazon’s of the world and where drones and parcel-lockers have hit the industry before they were expected business leaders today will not find any better opportunity to network with peers and learn the new -age technologies shaping up. Here are the top 5 reasons you should be in Geneva for the conference this year.

Delivery Happiness Platform

Date Posted on 14th Sep 2017 in Blog

Introducing Our Delivery Happiness Platform

86% of consumers consider delivery to be part of their purchase experience. Consumer’s repeat purchase and reference are driven by the experience and delivery happen to be the only physical contact for the online consumer. This makes organization ask - what is our delivery happiness score and what are we doing to improve it?

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