Establishing IPSec tunnel using Openswan tool on Amazon EC2

Date Posted on 5th Feb 2016 in Blog

Openswan is an IPsec implementation for Linux. There are many documents and tutorial floating around the web but none of them are complete. We have mentioned all the steps which we did to establish the tunnel.

We have also included the DON'Ts in this article which you may find on the web, but will only consume un-necessary time.

Mobility Solution helps Bajaj Capital in increasing their customer visits: #Happycustomers

Date Posted on 28th Jan 2016 in Customer Stories, Blog

In our #HappyCustomers Series., we bring to you the success story of Bajaj Capital who deployed Mobility Solution for their sales executives. With the changing consumer demands and the rising cost of operations, Financial institutions are investing in technology and reaping the benefits of mobility solutions. A configurable mobile application helps in streamlining the field operations, save information on the field and identifying new customers.

We happened to have a word Mr. Rachit Mongia, Executive Vice President at Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Limited & Mr. Jolly Asija, Vice President-Customer Services. Here is the gist of our conversation we had with them.

Why we love Analytics in Last Mile (And you should too!)

Date Posted on 22nd Jan 2016 in Blog

Last Mile Delivery challenges deal with information & delay on one hand and huge data loss on the other hand. In today’s world it is important to gain a cutting edge over the competitors. To have a deeper understanding of the operations and the analytical needs of service organisations it is important to know and answer your needs on a day-to-day basis, as well as on a long-term strategic level. 

#Happycustomer: Tackling Last Mile Challenges & keeping customer happy || Ecom Express

Date Posted on 14th Jan 2016 in Customer Stories, Blog

The Last Mile Delivery industry has been facing a plethora of challenges over the years. With the rising ecommerce and industry becoming very competitive, Logistics players adapting to the new technologies to curb the challenges. Delivery Management have become crucial for Logistics players nowadays. We managed to have a word with Mr. Jaideep Singh, from Ecom Express about the challenges faced by them, and how they are catering the customer needs with superior customer experience.

Field Service Organization? Know how well you can manage your workforce.

Date Posted on 9th Jan 2016 in Blog

Field Service organizations have to deal with a huge number of customer requests that are spread across various geographies. With companies focusing more on brand –building and better service delivery it is very important for service organizations to improve their operations and increase the quality of service. Adding to it is the rise of competition in the market, resulting in multiple options in front of the customer. To retain the customer and to increase the customer base, enterprises should strategize and implement for a better field service management.

#Bucketlist for the #enterprises, this New Year: #1 Better Service

Date Posted on 21st Dec 2015 in Blog

New Year 2016 is dawning in few more days. On a personal level., everyone is making a bucket list from themselves but have you made your bucket list ready as an enterprise? FarEye is suggesting a bucket list for the enterprises for this New Year - 2016 and here we go. The first one on the list is to offer better service.

Sales Force Automation - I

Date Posted on 24th Oct 2015 in Blog

Sales-force automation emerges as a competitive necessity which involves the application of technology to support sales people and their managers. Broadly, sales force automation enables members of sales teams to become more efficient and effective in their job roles. To keep it simple technology enables companies to collect, store, analyse, distribute and use customer-related data for sales purposes. Customer-related data like this is the key to customer orientation and the development of long-term mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Happy employee, Happy customer !!

Date Posted on 9th Oct 2015 in Blog

Empower your field executive and make him happy and satisfied, to provide a better customer experience to your customer.
Transform the customer experience by empowering your employee with the right technology. Make him communicate your vision and speak for you.

A happy employee leads to a happy customer !!

Gamut of Cloud Service Models

Date Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Blog

In our blog series, cloud computing, we have discussed about basics of cloud computing and top ten reasons why field workforce should be on cloud. In this blog, we shall discuss about various types of cloud service models.

In cloud computing, there is a spectrum of offering types. There are five commonly used categories.

Enterprise Systems – I

Date Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Blog

In our blog series on “Enterprise Mobility,” we have discussed on Enterprise Ecosystem and landscape. In the present blog, we shall know more about the segments present in an enterprise.

An enterprise has several business units and systems at execution level. Acronyms like FSM -Field Service Management, CRM- Customer Service Management, SCM-Supply Chain Management, 

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