Deeper Analysis, Meaningful insights & Better Understanding

Analytics ReportData collected and gathered is of no use unless you gauge meaningful business insights from it. The ability to analyze this huge amount of data to helps in making strategic advances for the business and outperform the competitors. To deliver superior service it is essential to have data-driven insights which helps in improving and customizing your service. To achieve this, companies will have to assess their competencies and strategize accordingly based on consumer behavior and data synthesized.

FarEye’s analytical reports helps in

  • Gain efficiency with pre-configured reports
  • Enables proactive management
  • Reduces dependency on intuitions
  • Improves service delivery
  • Better insights into service performance
  • Consumer insights
  • Business data & Analytics


Field Management software

Get a broader picture of what’s going on the field

Dashboard helps you to get a broader and detailed picture of the root cause and effect of issues, which helps in enabling you to take corrective and/or preventive actions in a timely manner by delivering important, immediate insight into what is actually happening during the service day.

  • View field worker’s performance instantly
  • Know what’s going on the field
  • Cause & Effect of every issue
  • Check job status

Predictive Analytics

To address specific business problems and incorporate deeper, more complex prescriptive analytics typically while also allowing the power business analysts ability to explore the data. Predictive Analytics is used to predict likelihoods of future outcomes. With the consumption of generated insights by FarEye., companies can have a clear understanding on :

  • What is likely to happen next?
  • Where the demand is growing?
Field Management software

Field Management software

Heat Maps

Heat Maps helps you in generating descriptive and predictive analytics like what happened in till now, what is likely to happen and helps you in analyzing and planning it on the field. With Heat Maps you will have a clear view on:

  • Where to recruit more workforce
  • Where new hubs are to be created
  • Expected number of delivery requests