FarEye’s CEO Kushal Nahata Awarded as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year at Indian Retail & eRetail Congress - 2017

Date Posted on 17th May 2017 in Blog

Kushal Nahata, Co-founder & CEO of FarEye, a leading Global Logistics Management Solution, has been recently awarded as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year  by Franchise India at the Indian Retail Congress - 2017, JW Marriott, New Delhi. Franchise India felicitated the industry stalwarts who have made their mark by crafting novel skills, leading from the front and making their organizations truly 'Global'.

Shortlist for the 2017 World Post & Parcel Awards announced

Date Posted on 11th Apr 2017 in Blog

Triangle Management Services is delighted to reveal the shortlist for the World Post & Parcel Awards 2017.

The World Post & Parcel Awards celebrates the successes of the emerging talents in mail and express from the past year. This year’s shortlist showcases a host of progressive businesses. All have demonstrated their ability to adapt to change and embrace the opportunities presented by great upheaval in the industry.

The overall winners of the Awards will be announced at a gala presentation evening on Wednesday 7 June at L’Hotel du Collectionneur in Paris, which also plays host to the World Mail and Express Europe Conference, to be held from 6-8 June.

Top 3 Supply Chain lessons from Super Bowl LI

Date Posted on 13th Feb 2017 in Blog

Super Bowl LI have seen another magical finish with New England Patriots making a historic comeback win (34-28) in nerve-biting finals against Atlanta Falcons. James White scoring the game-winning two-yard touchdown in overtime against the Atlanta Falcons crowned the New England Patriots with Super Bowl LI.

Games like this spawn books, movies, go into the speeches of the motivational speakers. Not just this, they teach management lessons for Supply Chain as well.  With the objectives getting clear to what are the goals to be achieved, and how to deliver within the stipulated time, it is nothing different than moving the ball from one place to another.

Digitizing the customer journey in Retail World

Date Posted on 6th Jan 2017 in Blog

With the gap between traditional commerce & e-commerce worlds merging, every retailer today wants to engage with the customers through the channels they want to be engaged /interact rather than what the retailer used to engage with - the store.

The way consumers take their purchasing decisions has been altered -standing in stores, commuting to office, weighing options available in a social gathering they are just one click away and when they are ready to buy, an unending list of retailers pops up, the customer is more viable to choose the most convenient and fast delivery.Here is where the retailer has to compete with his fellows to win customer’s heart.

And what about the metric that keeps him winning? The speed at which the product is delivered and the chase to offer delightful and digitalised experience starts from here.

Today’s retailer is trying to cope up with the digitalisation to create a cross-channel experience for their customer. All of retail industry is looking towards providing an effective and Just-In-Time (JIT) service in a seamless way. Not to forget, it is not just the consumer journey that has been altered, the way retailers have to engage and interact with the customer has also changed.

Release Notes: January 3rd, 2017

Date Posted on 6th Jan 2017 in Release Notes

1.Routing - Improvements

  • Different service time for different orders
  • Add start time and end time in app job list
  • Use google map api for plotting directions
  • Show vehicle number in sequence 
  • enable new features for OrderV1 page
  • Exception in assign to route handled and sleep time Logic changed

2.Public tracking page: show biker location in map.
3.Transaction List page customisation :Add All fixed attribute in List  

  Customisation(Sequence,track information etc)
4.Amplitude: Add amplitude for analytics and customer usability.
5.New exciting tool for job assignment :scheduling on the basis of slot.
6.Process Dashboard - Break Line chart containing 6 items into 2 charts (3 each).

Release Notes: 21st November 2016

Date Posted on 12th Dec 2016 in Release Notes


Add UPI money collection mode

Task Admin: Dropdown not rendering inside Array

Print pdf option in process listing (Custom PDF). 4"x6" labels in Custom PDF (both job master and process)

Create New attribute type : common screen for Signature and rating.

Add validations for preventing Nested array and objects

Schedule Task - Should be controlled by environment variable

Setup shared session cache -  Redis

Create a role tracking, and show tracking page only users with tracking role

Add Process Start Date in every chart of process dashboard

Allow company admin to edit process data even if process reached to end state

Order V2 - Print runsheet shortcut missing after scan and assign - Create a common service across transaction, orders, ordersV2 and runsheet

Sub Process - Create scheduled event tool .

Add Event of Backup creation in mobile

Job Transaction : Add IMEI number and make sure that the old application is working properly.

Add Home Screen Customization for UPI money collection mode.

Create a monthly usage report

Operation Statistics Report Email - Change the Body  

Task Admin : need support for Re-attempt date type attribute.

Job List Customisation - Allow all attribute except object, array and similar attributes. 

Asset management + Communication log enhancements: Report

Re-engineering & accelerating your business processes

Date Posted on 3rd Nov 2016 in Blog

The customer today wants every information right now. Thanks to the competitiveness of the companies that has resulted in this real-challenge. In today’s world where customer experience has to be done from tweet to receipt, the processes have to be accelerated the digitisation of processes.

Had it would have been automation of existing processes, there wouldn’t have been any debate about it. Companies would have embraced new technologies to go the tech way by now. But the cloud of  is all about, Today’s need of the hour is going beyond automating an existing process. To beat the real challenge & with customer and productivity as twin pillars companies must reinvent the entire business process, re-engineer the existing models and cut down the number of steps required.

Release Notes: Bug fixes on October 1st, 2016

Date Posted on 15th Oct 2016 in Release Notes


bugUser Summary Report : Manager downloading report for a specific hub BugIf manager is downloading report for a specific hub, then report is generated for all hubs assigned to that manager (instead of selected hub)bugMultiSelect drop down CSS issue

Feature Enhancements: October 1st, 2016

Date Posted on 15th Oct 2016 in Release Notes

It’s been a week that our new product features have been launched, and yet again we have come up with an interesting and cool stuff, so you can lean back and relax in your chair with a cup of coffee.


Radio button for SKU Validations:

SKU Validations! As an operations manager, how much amount of time do you spend on it? To make a complex process simpler & faster; we have launched radio buttons and now hours of your work is moved to just 1.2 seconds with radio buttons.

Wait! Not just doing it fast you can now self-document it the way you want.

Build or Buy?

Date Posted on 5th Oct 2016 in Blog

The battle between building in-house solution and outsourcing has been live ever since the new-age technologies are born. Here, is what today’s CIO should know when he is thinking about a mobility solution

Digitisation affects almost everything in today’s life. This shift made companies in rethinking the way they work in their day-to-day operations and think about solutions that help them in streamline processes, increase efficiency and cut costs. But what’s making today’s CIO’s rethink is whether to buy the solution or build it in-house. In today’s data-driven world, the real call lies in knowing if building a mobility solution in-house helps in accelerating the growth or deploying a solution would be better.


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