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Start Delivering Better!

Here is a Delivery Management Software that offers an inherently dynamic delivery planning and processing that can be modified at every stage. We follow a highly streamlined shipment path that commences with ‘Order Creation’, makes way through a unique architecture of automated and manual transaction configuring before making it to the ‘Final Delivery and Reporting’.

Managing deliveries across vast geographies can be a challenging task. FarEye works on the phenomenon of creating Delivery Management Software solutions by combining the best industry practices and latest technological solutions. Our first-rate delivery management solution is designed to work in a competitive, cost-effective way to ensure a super-efficient local or global delivery management.

Comprehensive Dashboard

A highly customizable dashboard and comprehensive dashboard that creates transparency in field operations and field workforce management, which enables a better control over operations, customer vagaries, scheduling and dispatching, execution and evaluation, you name it.

FarEye’s Delivery Management Software has a highly interactive look-and-feel that is easy and familiar. With intuitive drag-and-drop, easy to use forms, menus, toolbars, and other familiar control options, the tool makes the entire process a piece of cake for any user.

Auto Assigning and Auto Routing Option

Easily assign deliveries to riders, organize customer stops, manage routes, and specify special instructions between stops and directions from one delivery point to the other. The Auto Assign feature tackles rising on-demand delivery and hyperlocal needs by finding the best field worker based on various parameters set by you such as distance to customer location, workload, etc etc. Auto Routing allows you to visualize and select the best and shortest possible route, which can be taken to make the delivery.

Together, they facilitate in creating a highly effective and efficient delivery system that further aids in saving time, increasing productivity, and reducing fuel costs. Other benefits include:

  • Ability to make changes to standing orders at any time
  • Knowing the status of delivery of any shipment in real time
  • Addressing real time customer requests like change in delivery timings, reverse pickup options, and more
  • Maximize the number of first attempt deliveries
  • Enterprise Mobility offers real time pick up and delivery operations
  • Dispatch management system helps organization measure transportation and logistics
  • Delivery process software reduces invoicing time with auto-generated reports

The manager sitting back at the office will have every status of the work at any point of the day. This will help in coordinating with employees realtime, taking corrective actions, and address issues as and when they occur.

Delivery Management Software Solution

Here’s how it works:

Auto Runsheet Creation
It starts with creating an array of reports that covers all aspects of customer products and delivery details. The ‘Runsheet’ involves step-by-step instructions of processing and assignment of shipments, which are:

  • Upload Excel
  • Manual Assignment through the web form
  • Web form
  • Scan and assign
  • Map view
  • Auto-Routing
  • Auto-Assign

Warehousing, Transportation, & Delivery are the three crucial and complex processes that can dramatically affect brand image, quality, and the bottom line – “Customer Service”. We believe to simplify this complexity by utilizing highly sophisticated transaction monitoring system that is available in the form of a comprehensive digital dashboard. The manager back at the office will know the status of every pending, failed, or successful JOBS with the aid of:

  • Live dashboard
  • Live location monitoring
  • Delivery status search
  • Proof of attempted details

Our delivery manager software enables streamlining your current back office data and collaborate it with the field data. Easily view records of jobs, change in delivery dates, or specify a cutoff time. Analyse the entire course in an intuitive interface that allows:

  • Editing/Adding jobs to riders on field
  • Reconciliation report – user wise/ branch wise
  • Heat map – map view for attempted jobs
  • Graphical report – chart reporting for previous days

Because the delivery management system is designed for home delivery models, we provide a bespoke software solution that encompasses an array of choices and cover all aspects, like:

  • Defining job types – delivery, pickup, or more
  • Setting up status of job types – delivered/failed or more
  • Select information to send rider for each delivery
  • Set information to capture for attempt
  • SMS templates for riders to use in app
  • Dynamic api details
  • Setup operating city and branches
  • Creating rider’s list and login
  • Setting up SMS gateway to auto-update customers
  • Customize the mobile application with widgets to show
  • View latest application version and set default
  • Asset management – IMEI and SIM number mapping
  • Security – Manager session and access to the application

Wrapping it up
The delivery management software allows you to streamline and accelerate your business resources. The automation of valuable and time-sensitive information ensures accuracy, accountability, and efficacy. Impress your customer with faster deliveries and optimize the performance of your organizational resources using this highly productive delivery management system.

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