Release notes – FarEye version 0.4.1

Date Posted on 9th Jun 2015 in Release Notes

New features and UI Modifications

  • Customer tracking page End customers of companies using FarEye, can now track the field agent Live, just like you can track your UBER cab coming to you
  • API Documentation API Doc’s have now been shifted to Utilities > API Docs. Earlier these were present inside Job Master
  • Paynear card payment integrated Using FarEye app, you can do payments via card, on the field using services of Ezetap, Mswipe and also Paynear
  • Cash reconciliation report New report added under utilities. This is used by corporates for financial compliances with operations team
  • Scan and Assign Using this users can scan the Order reference number and assign it to field agent. Other ways of assignment are Map View Based and Auto Assignment based on travelling salesman algorithm
  • Multi-Lingual support You can now customise all job settings, status workflow, push orders and get field updates in any international standard language
  • Gzip Compression Further optimising the network utilisation of the mobile application by compression the data which is exchanged over the network. The compression factor is in the ratio of 1:5  that is the network utilisation will be brought down to just 20%
  • Auto-Assign return to starting location New parameter added to auto-assignment. This would decide if the route should end close to starting location or not
  • Merchant Login feature Ideal for logistic companies who wishes to give their clients an option to login and see real time job updates
  • Dump download for Orders Users can now also download Dump of Orders. Earlier we only had dump download for transactions
  • Push images to field executive along with Job Data Ideal for service companies who can use this for showing image of spare parts or SKU items
  • Random number attributes Generate random number from field. Ideal for usage with OTP verification
  • Hidden attributes Now pass and collect some hidden data from mobile phone (like random number etc) without the knowledge of field agent
  • Option for Field agent to modify amount to be collected Ideal for industries where the final amount collectable can change like home servicing.
  • SMS from server You can now include Reference number, field executive name, field executive contact number and attempt number in SMS body as well
  • User profile page on Mobile app Mobile application will now show a new button on the home screen : “Profile”. This will give the field executive an option to reset her password.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Mobile application crash when re-sequencing too many job
  • Fixed – Long text not shows up clearly on mobile phone > Drop down list. We now wrap the sentence to multiple lines
  • Fixed – Sometimes multiple (2-3) SMS are sent out from server on Job update
  • Fixed – Unassigned orders do not show previous transaction history
  • Fixed – Added field agent name in dump download
  • Fixed – Prevent multiple Pull ERP request for same hub
  • Fixed – Prepend country code when sending SMS from custom gateway
  • Fixed – Android rescheduling of job can be only done for future date.
  • Fixed – List of field executives not in alphabetical order. This creates problem when trying to find a particular field executive from a long list

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