Release notes – FarEye version 0.4.3

Date Posted on 1st Jul 2015 in Release Notes

New features and UI Modifications

  • Addition of Field Executive name in Search reference number API
    This additional information will assist the organisation in identifying the executive who is performing the task on the field.
  • List of Field Executive now Sorted alphabetically
    This quick fix will now help managers to quickly look up the field executive even when he is managing a workforce of over 500 field agents.
  • Multi-Checkbox attribute now enabled for mobile application
    Now one can capture field response in the form of multiple checkbox. For e.g. you can have a user feedback survey and have him select multiple results.
  • Hidden attributes inside Array Object as well
    You can pass some hidden attribute within your product SKU array.
  • Option to edit Start Date in Jobs
    Even managers can now edit the Job Start date. This is ideal for conditions when the Manager called up the customer and customer wanted delivery on some other date.
  • Date range in user summary report
    Now managers can download the mileage report of field executives for a range of dates. This will help our users in generating monthly reimbursements much easily.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed – Mismatch while displaying Dashboard statistics.
  • Fixed – Manager login > Resync jobs with ERP system option not working. This was due to some Role authorisation and has been resolved
  • Fixed – Cash reconciliation report to only show jobs which are activated
  • Fixed – Added null check entry in Post hook queue. Null entry values caused the queue to enter into an infinite loop
  • Fixed – Add user via API will convert the username to Lower case character. This is the same case when adding user via web form
  • Fixed – Disabling Edit option for orders which are assigned or closed

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