How does outsourcing Enterprise Mobility help in cost-cutting?

Date Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Blog

By now, we all have understood the importance of Enterprise Mobility. It helps in increasing the productivity, smart decision-making and acts as a cost benefit analysis. Many-a-companies will feel that it is always better to build an IT infrastructure for automating the workforce. Building an in-house enterprise mobility solution not only incurs costs but also there are many chances for failure.

Cloud Computing – I

Date Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Blog

Cloud computing refers to the practice of transitioning computer services such as computation or data storage to multiple redundant offsite locations available on the Internet, which allows application software to be operated using internet-enabled devices.

The essential characteristics of Cloud Computing:

On-demand self-service: Individuals can obtain computing capabilities such as server time or network storage on their own.

Why Enterprise Mobility shouldn’t be in-house?

Date Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Blog

Scalability: In an ever-changing business environment, scalability is essential in administrative, functional and geographic fronts. The application architecture must accommodate an increasing number of licensed devices users-on-demand. Managing & budgeting a growing a number of licensed devices may be a challenge. Front-end application functionality must be easily adaptable to include new features because of used demand.


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The research done on IT and business performance by Luftman, 2003 has found that (a) the more successfully a firm can align information technology with the business goals, the more profitable it will be, and (b) only one-quarter of firms achieve alignment of IT with the business. About half of a business firm’s profits can be explained by alignment of IT with business.

5 ways to impress your customer with FarEye

Date Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Blog

Most of the businesses today are becoming customer-centric. Specially, in an organisation where your field executive acts as a brand ambassador. Be it be after-sales, delivery, BFSI or any other sector field executives have become the touch points to the customer. Learn how to improve the customer satisfaction with FarEye and delight your customer. (1) Easy and better user interface for feedback: Technology always amazes the customer. 

Why the demand for automation is increasing ?

Date Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Blog

“Automation” – is a buzzword now, where the involvement of field workforce is more. The motto of automation is : to complete tasks faster with fewer errors at cheaper costs. Specially, in a service provider organisation the common issues faced are : time loss to analyze the work request, accurate assessment of resource availability, right people at the right place, lack of optimization of resources, lack of accountability and lack of visibility of the work execution

Amazon RDS + Postgres – Activate slow query logs

Date Posted on 28th Aug 2015 in Blog

Login to your AWS console and go to RDS.
From the left menu, select Parameter Groups
Create a new parameter group for Postgres, by copying the default Postgres parameter group
Edit the following parameters in the new group:
Modify the RDS instance and apply the new parameters group.
Beware – If you are applying group for the first time, it will require a RDS reboot.


Date Posted on 6th Jun 2013 in Blog

If we observe the some of the enterprises, lack of proper co-ordination and integration seems to be a major issue which is worrying them. Getting all the different kinds of systems in a company to work together has proven a major challenge. One solution is to implement enterprise applications

Enterprise Mobility : A boon to boost your operations

Date Posted on 5th Jun 2013 in Blog

Extraordinary product.. Exceptional technical team.. Efficient workforce.. But why are the revenues stalled? Or why aren’t they not upto the expectations? Have you ever thought of it? Do you know that three to four hours of your working time is wasted in admin work?   And did you realise that it takes away 40% of your time in working?

What is it in the cloud ? For Field Service Organisations.

Date Posted on 5th Jun 2013 in Blog

The rise in the increased use of mobility for field service has been in parallel and based on the heightened use of cloud services.With mobile being one of the five top areas for cloud expansion, many of the businesses are employing cloud platforms.

Whether it’s sharing of information via file syncing, storing data or employing social media, many companies are executing cloud strategies. The increased reliance on public cloud resources for many functions is due to the advantage that cloud based solutions are more secure. The key factors that make cloud deployment compelling are:

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