FarEye's Release Notes

Manage your orders effectively!

Posted on 19th May 2016 in Blog, Release Notes

Large organisations today, have complexity in managing orders and it this in turn, escalates supply-chain costs and also the inaccurate promises. A centralized view of orders cuts down the complexities, and enables them to identify and rectify the issues before they become an issue for the customers.

Challenges faced in managing orders:

(i) Higher costs/ more time taken in solving the issue: Without a centralised view of orders, it would be difficult for the operations manager to prioritize, which field worker is right to assign the order or which route to assign in order to reach to the customer quickly.
(ii) Poor Customer Service: With no proper view of orders, it becomes difficult for the manager/organisation to keep the promise and deliver to the customer. This shows a serious impact on timescales and customer satisfaction.

Dedicated cloud service & white-label solution

Posted on 19th May 2016 in Release Notes

To make it ideal for the business users to store and/or process sensitive data we are offering a private cloud solution. With this, our customer gets more control over the server with increased security and flexibility. IT teams of large enterprises can use their business processes and computer resources in a private cloud.
Also, adding to the above advantages deploying of a private cloud helps in cost reduction, enhancing service quality and reducing the time taken to deliver what the users demand. Cost savings which are defined by the standardization of services or automation reduce operational costs and fee IT personnel to focus more on serving customers than on activities with little or no added value.

FarEye + FreedCamp Collaboration

Posted on 19th May 2016 in Release Notes

Connecting tasks, processes and people helps in changing the workplace and fostering innovation. With increased collaboration amongst the workforce you could see an increase in the productivity, rise in efficiency and quality of service.

To help customers reach desired goals within a stipulated time and increase the efficiency we have recently collaborated with FreedCamp, a project management tool that helps in better collaboration amongst the workforce. Maintaining right quality of service, on-time delivery of service and ensuring productivity are the three key metrics that a project manager keeps in his mind.

Invoicing Made Easy!

Posted on 19th May 2016 in Blog, Release Notes

Paperwork, rekeying data and not having access to key information are all factors that are detrimental to the productivity of the field workforce. Invoices contribute to the bottom line of an enterprise. Raising an invoice involves labour-intensiveness and also it involves a processing time in it which would be around three to four days (on an average). The challenges involved in traditional invoice processing include., increase in the chance of error due to multiple sources, paper invoices are tough to monitor: In today’s fast paced work environment, paper invoices can be filed away and forgotten. Also, it fails to give financial visibility in the organisation and paper invoices are labour intensive: Data entry activity, each invoice necessitates a manual cross-reference for validity which involves comparing the invoices etc.

How to deliver on-time despite the routing challenges in India..

Posted on 9th May 2016 in Blog, Release Notes

With the distance traveled partly derived from its use of real-world data, relatively from predictive analytics and historical database, it remains as a crucial metric for the enterprises to understand the actual time spent, amount of fuel that is required etc. This in-turn helps making better schedules while keeping costs intact. Routing actual road distance measures the door-to-door travel time for mobile employees and compiling a historical database.

Release notes – FarEye version 0.6.0 (Hubble)

Posted on 31st Aug 2015 in Release Notes

Auto Assignment is an ideal tool for companies to auto-allocate a job request or task to its field executive based on the Geo-spatial distance of the executive from the job location.
For e.g. lets consider the hype-local scenario of Food delivery business where the Executives are on the field – doing pickups from various restaurants across the city and delivering it to customer. As soon as the order is pushed into FarEye, it will search for the best possible worker (closest to restaurant) and assign the activity to them.

Release notes – FarEye version 0.5.2 (Hip Hop)

Posted on 17th Aug 2015 in Release Notes

Missions are ideally management of complete Business Process, popularly know as Business Process Management. Its fun and simple to use. One can map their complete field operations using this tool.
For e.g. a case of Online Laundry where the first task is Pickup of items from Customer, then washing > drying > ironing and finally delivery. The complete process involves 5 stages and probably 5 different field executive. FarEye Missions brings to you the capability of managing all these seamlessly.

Release notes – FarEye version 0.4.5

Posted on 30th Jul 2015 in Release Notes

New features and UI Modifications

Un-Assigned Map View – Orders and Field Executives on the same screen
You can now visualize the closest Field Executive for a particular Customer Order/Request. Filtering of Executive is done automatically based on Hub/Area Codes
First Login Time added to User Summary report
You can now check the daily attendance of your field executives from the Summary report itself.

Release notes – FarEye version 0.4.3

Posted on 1st Jul 2015 in Release Notes

New features and UI Modifications

Addition of Field Executive name in Search reference number API
This additional information will assist the organisation in identifying the executive who is performing the task on the field.
List of Field Executive now Sorted alphabetically
This quick fix will now help managers to quickly look up the field executive even when he is managing a workforce of over 500 field agents.

Release notes – FarEye version 0.4.1

Posted on 9th Jun 2015 in Release Notes

New features and UI Modifications

Customer tracking page End customers of companies using FarEye, can now track the field agent Live, just like you can track your UBER cab coming to you
API Documentation API Doc’s have now been shifted to Utilities > API Docs. Earlier these were present inside Job Master