Getting Candid with Mr. Anjani, CIO of Safexpress on Mobility & Analytics

Date Posted on 21st Mar 2016 in Customer Stories, Blog

In our happycustomers series., we happened to have a word with Mr. Anjani Kumar who is the man behind recent success of Safexpress. An industry expert and an avid lover of technology and analytics Mr. Anjani shared his insights on the upcoming trends in the Logistics & how mobility would be the game-changer in it. Here is a snapshot of our candid conversation with him.

Reaching New Horizons: LMF Asia #CEOTalks

Date Posted on 14th Mar 2016 in CEO Talks, Blog

Kushal Nahata, Co-Founder & CEO of FarEye“Thank you Jeong and the entire LMF Asia & Singex team for pulling off such a marvelous event. Not only was the show ideated well but you guys went out of your way to assist your participants and delegates at every step - right from picking a booth to the resolving admin issues. I personally witnessed it when I faced the last minute visa glitch that you helped resolve from your end and I am grateful for that. It would have been disheartening to not be able to participate at this Forum.

As a participant and speaker at LMF Asia I can most confidently say that this is great platform to bring together everybody associated with last mile fulfillment - right from logistics players to technology providers to thought leaders to aspiring start-ups on one platform.”

Get a 360 degree view on what is going on the field

Date Posted on 10th Mar 2016 in Blog

For service organisations, field operations are the last frontier where the enterprise information systems, labor controls, and productivity tools have yet to yield results. Dashboard gives a broader picture of what is going on the field. A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for an enterprise.

Ecommerce, Customer expectations & Delivery Management!!

Date Posted on 9th Mar 2016 in Blog

Today’s fast paced world means everything we order online on e-commerce websites arrives at our doorstep within days. We are so accustomed to it that we expect that our packages can always be tracked and we like our delivery to be customized according to our requirements. Behind the scenes, the whole process is not as simple and involves multiple steps. 

This is where delivery management software steps in and streamlines the process of picking up, processing and delivering packages. For the sender as well as the receivers, the time between the package being sent and received is crucial. Delivery management software is not only used for tracking packages form e-commerce websites, but also for tracking big shipments that have been imported or exported. 

Making Singaporeans happy!

Date Posted on 29th Feb 2016 in Blog

Singapore! Lavishness and sophisticated lifestyle occupies the first place when one come across it. It boasts world-class infrastructure with highest disposable income in the region. Singapore has a stable economy, with astonishing internet and smartphone penetration and a strategic position smack amidst the developing countries.

An interesting survey done on Singaporeans shows that they are shopaholics online and offline. A recent study shows that at least 26% of Singaporeans shop online at least once a week. And also about 50% would do all shopping online.

Ignorance is not always bliss – Increase your last mile visibility

Date Posted on 26th Feb 2016 in Blog

Ever landed up at your customer’s house to deliver despite being told that s/he will be unavailable? How many times have you been dumbfounded when asked by a customer ‘how far is the delivery person?’ Have you picked-up the returned goods the following day even though your runners were in the vicinity? Clueless about your fulfillment status?

Scheduling made Easy!!

Date Posted on 24th Feb 2016 in Blog

Having a distributed field workforce? Worried on how to schedule your workforce efficiently and maximize your productivity ? Know how well you can schedule your workforce based on the availability of the workforce and workload. Understand different ways of scheduling and choose the one best fits you based on your workflow. 

How Schedule & Dispatch work with FarEye?
You can easily create a job, push customer information and set the priority. Once it is done., push the job on to the mobile phones of the field workforce. FarEye offers four scheduling options which helps you to optimize the resources available based on jobs, availability of resources, proximity of the location and the field executives with intelligent automation. Now you can choose your business process based on your workflow and achieve unprecedented level of efficiency and quality.

#HappyCustomers: Driving logistics in South East Asia - Acommerce

Date Posted on 19th Feb 2016 in Customer Stories, Blog

South East Asia have become attractive for the logistics with the rise of ecommerce. With the world’s third largest population and with growing internet connectivity South East is catching the eyes of the investors and lots of other players. 

With the penetration of Mobile Internet and the rise of ecommerce being the turning point for this trend, the ecommerce and logistics players should focus on investing time and strengthening the last mile delivery operations. To understand what drives the Logistics in South East Asia we at FarEye, did a small case study with the Logistics giant Acommerce. 

Establishing IPSec tunnel using Openswan tool on Amazon EC2

Date Posted on 5th Feb 2016 in Blog

Openswan is an IPsec implementation for Linux. There are many documents and tutorial floating around the web but none of them are complete. We have mentioned all the steps which we did to establish the tunnel.

We have also included the DON'Ts in this article which you may find on the web, but will only consume un-necessary time.

Mobility Solution helps Bajaj Capital in increasing their customer visits: #Happycustomers

Date Posted on 28th Jan 2016 in Customer Stories, Blog

In our #HappyCustomers Series., we bring to you the success story of Bajaj Capital who deployed Mobility Solution for their sales executives. With the changing consumer demands and the rising cost of operations, Financial institutions are investing in technology and reaping the benefits of mobility solutions. A configurable mobile application helps in streamlining the field operations, save information on the field and identifying new customers.

We happened to have a word Mr. Rachit Mongia, Executive Vice President at Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Limited & Mr. Jolly Asija, Vice President-Customer Services. Here is the gist of our conversation we had with them.

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