Claim Processing

FarEye helps you improve your customer’s relationship by personalizing the entire experience and ensuring efficient and rapid claim processing

Insurance companies are increasing adopting mobile technologies enabling their field force to establish virtual offices, provide on-the-go services and deliver services in a shorter span of time. Providing field adjustors with mobility solutions enables cost savings, operational excellence and a great customer experience.


Field Management software

FNOL Assignment

FarEye’s dashboard provides a comprehensive map based view of the customer FNOL and insurance agents in the area and ensures that the request is assigned within a defined period.

Customer tracking

The customer gets notified about the estimated time of arrival and can track the progress of the claim

Field Management software

Field Management software

Real time access to information on Mobile App

Claim details, anytime, anywhere access to policy loss information, simple handheld tools for assessment, external data availability on hand and option to capture images and push multimedia information to office from field.

Manager’s Dashboard

This gives the manager a live view of field updates and operational statistics. FarEye provides live access to updated information, field status & performance of each insurer.

Field Management software