Consumer Durables

Provide an outstanding service to your customer & make him fall in love with your brand!

Delighting today’s customer with superior service have become very crucial for the consumer durables industry.To make your service stand out and live your brand, deliver the values that matter the most to your customers. Providing excellent service not only reinforces relationships with customers but also it makes them to promote your brand. With this., you make your customers your promoters and this helps in building strong customer network that spreads your brand name.

A better after-sales services helps in gaining competitive advantage through service differentiation. Consumer Durables companies are facing a challenge in handling huge customer requests and ad-hoc requests. Reducing turnaround time and increasing responsiveness toward the customer, ensuring that the right technician with the require skilled set solves the consumer grievance in the first attempt is the need of the hour. In an industry where customer satisfaction matters the most and where lower response time is a parameter for judging the company, automating the processes and field workforce have emerged as an imperative to reach the customers’ quickly.

With FarEye., the manager can schedule & dispatch customer requests to the right field executive at that time. This helps in maximizing the productive use of field engineers, optimizing field operations and thus helping in improving service response times and gaining competitive advantage through service differentiation.