Courier Tracking Software

Courier Tracking Software

Courier tracking software is the best approach for business courier tracking and monitoring to view and analyse the efficiency and progress of the success ratio. FarEye is the best and simplest cloud-based SaaS application designed for the Distribution, E-Commerce and Warehousing industries. FarEye is a customized field workforce tracking and management platform to leverage the power of your business.

FarEye allows you to track, monitor, analyse the efficiency of your shipments and delivery jobs by optimizing your daily schedules and delivery and manage or track your field boys in real-time.

Making your deliveries efficient and delight your customers by helping and tracking your drivers in real-time. With our auto-routing and auto-assigning feature, FarEye assist your drivers to locate the address of the delivery, save your delivery time and optimize it to fulfil more deliveries and generate more customer satisfaction, with saving money on fuel and driving time.

Why choose FarEye Courier Tracking Software?

  • Fully Cloud Based
  • 100% Data Protection and Security
  • Mobile Device and Carrier Data Support
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Customized and comprehensive integration with API
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring
  • Fully Automated Process
  • Automated Job Schedule and Assignments
  • Visual reports and analysis and progress tracking

FarEye makes your customers happier due to its advanced mobility features; every courier management company requires a professional and reliable transportation management courier tracking software to manage their field or dispatch work.

With FarEye, deliver faster and make customers happy and generate more revenue.