Customer Delight

Never miss an opportunity to delight a customer !

Delight A CustomerDelighting customers is more than just meeting their needs at the moment. It is about building authentic relationships that stand the test of time. Serving an ever-changing set of customers by giving them the best customer experience is crucial for customer retention. It is important for customers to know that their request/order is being processed. Sending live updates and hearing about the service from the customers makes him feel good and delights the customer.

FarEye enables the enterprise to measure and standardize processes and provide reusable processes that can be networked. By coordinating and standardizing the activities, processes are made efficient and maximize the value they create while lowering the costs when compared to a non-standardizing approach of executing activities.

Live updates to the customer:

To provide better customer experience it is important to keep the customers informed about their service requests/delivery. Sending timely updates, about the progress of requests, leaves a positive impact on the customer and this helps in increasing the customer satisfaction.

FarEye helps in enhancing the complete experience the customer has with your business. By sending timely updates FarEye helps in maintaining the transparency and customers informed about the job progress which makes them feel that they are not unattended.

  • Constant updates to the customer
  • Keeps the customer informed
  • Helps in engaging with customer

NPS Loop:

To retain the customers and sustain in today’s competitive business world it is very important for companies to measure and understand customer satisfaction. Knowing your customer’s likes and dislikes is one sure route to success as it gives precise idea of what matters to your customers’ the most.

FarEye helps you collect and measure NPS which helps in understanding the customer in a much better way and tweak the things to better serve your customers. In this way., it helps in

  • Knowing your customer better
  • Better offerings
  • Customer’s voice is heard