Field Service Management

Field Service Management

In business-to-business transaction, after-sales services can generate three to four times the turnover of the original purchase during the solution’s lifecycle—Viardot, (2010).

FarEye is a Field Service Management Software that optimizes field processes to enhance customer experience and generate more revenue for businesses. We understand that the relationship with a client does not end at the sale but lasts throughout the life of the product. To ensure repeat purchases and make customers loyal FarEye’s platform helps organizations to exceed customer expectations by ensuring customer commitments and reducing the time taken to address an issue.

We address the following challenges for any field service organization:

  • Lack of accurate information on the go
  • Disconnect between the field engineers and backend staff
  • Lack of transparency to the customer
  • Repeat service calls
  • Low first time fix rates
  • Lack of remote monitoring tools
  • Delayed revenue realization

FarEye will help you increase customer satisfaction and build your customer’s confidence in you as a service provider. Grow your service business with expansion into new markets and the ability to deliver new service offerings on a single platform.

The FarEye Solution

Automatic Scheduling and assignment of field service technicians based on availability, expertise and location.
Optimize the service schedule and execute field jobs in order to be more responsive to the end consumer.
GPS locator, equipment history, customer information and other such features can allow a service engineer to be more efficient on-site.
Through live-monitoring on the web-interface and real time notification of job statuses from the field, FarEye provides real-time visibility to the manager enabling him to better allocate real time & pending requests.
The mobile application enables the field engineer to alert concerned departments real time who once notified can start working on subsequent process.
Complete visibility of crucial operational data that enables the decision makers to gain insights and to stay ahead one step of their customers and competitors.

- From Our Customer -

FarEye is helping us in proper documentation and collection process of large installations. Service and delivery are the two most important things in our industry and so we are outsourcing our services and service infrastructure to FarEye for enhancing customer experience & productivity. FarEye has been very aggressive and supportive in terms of data exchange and customisation.