Financial Services

Automate your Sales Force & drive your revenues

In today’s era of Banking and Financial Industry, institutions have migrated from being transaction oriented entity to relationship oriented entity. In this transformation to relationship-oriented entity, salespeople are responsible for achieving high customer satisfaction levels. To achieve high levels of customer satisfaction, the customer turnaround time should be less for sales organisations and the documentation process should be smooth and effective. For this., the sales organisations need the technology to re-engineer and automate Sales process so that organisations improve their sales effectiveness and in turn increase the revenues.

With Far-Eye, the sales executive can immediately save the data of the customer on the field. Also., with automated scheduling and dispatching of follow ups to the mobile workforce and with customer information handy the entire sales process is made smoother and quicker. The previous meeting information is pushed from CRM, and this helps the sales executive to be prepared according to the customer requirement. By automation of the sales process, the effective sales time increases.

Schedule & Dispatch

Schedule & Dispatch

Assign a job to your workforce based on the proximity to the customer & work-load

Automated Reports

Digitalised run sheets help in generating the details that has to be given to the runner

Automated Reports

Customer Delight

Customer Delight

Quick and Easy processing of service requests reduces customer TAT and increases customer delight. It is important for customers to know that their request/order is being processed. Sending live updates and hearing about the service from the customers makes him feel good and delights the customer.


Uberise your healthcare unit & reach your customer quickly with the best service


Live Updates

Live updates

Live updates helps in planning the operations beforehand but also it helps in understanding the performance of the each field workforce. Manage the workforce with proper information it is trivial to have smooth flow of information between the manager and your field workforce.

Real-time coordination

Effectively manage the workforce with proper information it is trivial to have smooth flow of information between the manager and your field workforce.

Field Management software

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis

Predictive Analytics is used to predict likelihoods of future outcomes. With the consumption of generated insights by FarEye., companies can have a clear understanding on

  • What is likely to happen next?
  • Where the demand is growing?

Proof of delivery

With FarEye., the manager will be able know the details about proof of attempt, delivery date and time, signature of the person etc.

Proof of Delivery