First Mile Pick-up

FarEye streamlines the first leg of your operations by enabling smooth and flexible pick-ups on its platform.


Customer Delight

Manager Web Interface

Enables mapping of pick- ups with hubs based on zip-code/locality of vendor. The pick-up requests are then sent to the respective branch managers

Vendor Application

Application for vendors to place pick-up request. Consolidation of orders from multiple sellers takes place on FarEye


Schedule & Dispatch

Schedule & Dispatch

The pick-up requests are assigned to the employees depending on the availability automatically based on intelligent TSP algorithm or manually using the map based view

Mobile Application for Runner

The runner receives the total pickups for the day and the sequence is based on priority/route. He updates the seller and gets navigated to the pick-up point.

Automated Reports

Live Updates

Scan and Upload

The packages are scanned when picked up from the merchant and a list is created automatically on the mobile workers phone. During any transfer the packages are re scanned ensuring that all the packages are handed over intact.

Electronic Proof Of Attempt

On picking up the package the job status is updated– Electronic Proof of Pick-up, Image, Digital Signature etc. This status is transmitted real time to the manager who can take real time decisions to optimize the resources if not utilized.

Schedule & Dispatch