Health Care


FarEye’s digital pathology solution ensures that the samples collected are transferred on-time and in the best possible condition by automating the entire collection process.

The Healthcare organizations across the globe are facing challenges including the rise in the cost of logistics operations, improving the quality of healthcare and risk involved in transferring glass slides and samples. Healthcare organizations must incorporate the mobile solutions that help in improvising the pathology logistics to prevent damage & delays of specimens.

Dealing with human samples it is very critical that they are delivered on-time for testing at the right temperature. Damaging the samples, incorrect patient information and delays can cause error-prone results and loss of credibility.

The FarEye Solution:

Intelligent scheduling and dispatch of collection jobs to the field executive
Automation of the Collection process - from the patients to the collection center.
Navigation assist and customer information to prevent delays of transporting the collected specimen
Automated time sheets & reports eliminates time-delays and chances of manual error
RFID scan at each check-point prevents errors and ensures accountability
Real time visibility between labs, collection centres and home pick-ups

Health Care