In this sector which thrives on customer trust, FarEye makes you a reliable choice by providing transparency to the customer and speeding up claims processing and account opening processes.

With the advancements in technology, insurance providers in India are focusing more and more to provide better services to their clients and have also started upgrading their technology infrastructure, which can help improve customer experience as well as give companies a competitive edge. FarEye fulfills the business need of any insurance company:

  • Timely renewal of policies ensuring customer retention
  • Ensuring transparency in operations of wealth managers away from office
  • Managing huge data collected from the field
  • Ensuring timely and proper verification
  • Providing on-time commitment to the customer and increased sales

The FarEye Solutions

FarEye is a mobility solution that helps streamline and optimize business functionalities like insurance sales, policy issuance, servicing and claims and agency application processing.

- From Our Customer -

In our industry, we have to execute faster than what customers’ expect and for this we require the right mix of technology and advice. FarEye is a game-changer that ensures that our field executive is on-time and We have seen a 66% increase in the customer visits.