Last Mile Delivery

Make your last mile your first priority

FarEye’s delivery management software automates the entire last mile delivery acting as the perfect solution for streamlined & efficient operations. Last mile Delivery accounts for 35% of the total delivery cost. It is the only point of contact between the buyer and seller thereby completing the buying process and acting as the biggest contributor of customer satisfaction. An efficient last mile network and timebound delivery will play a key role in determining the success of a company.

We understand your challenges:

  • Manual Processes leading to increased chances of errors & reduced output
  • Tracking & Monitoring due to lack of transparency in field operations
  • Inflexible operations & lack co-ordination with workforce
  • No visibility customer
  • Low first time success rates


Schedule & Dispatch

Automated Schedule & Dispatch

Assign a job to your workforce based on the proximity to the customer & work-load. In addition to auto-routing based on intelligent TSP Algorith, manual scheduling and planning can be done using excel and map-based live view of the delivery person.

Electronic Proof Of Attempt

Each delivery person has a mobile application installed where the job lists for the day & requisite information to perform the job are received. On attempt of a job the geo-coordinates &necessary information gets– Electronic Proof of Delivery, Image, Digital Signature, customer rating and digital payments.

Automated Reports

Customer Delight

Tracking option to customer

A tracking alert & ETA is sent to the customer when the delivery is dispatched. Pre-stored messages and customer numbers ensure smooth communication and regular updates to them.

Manager Dashboard with Live updates

This gives the manager a live field view of job updates with proof of attempt and operational statistics. FarEye provides a map based live tracking of field workforce, live status of each hub & performance of each branch.


Live Updates

Digitized Reports

Reports are generated automatically giving an overview of the operations & allowing smarter decision making process. Some of the reports generated by the FarEye Platform are: Transaction Dump Report, User Summary Report, Communication Logs, Operational Statistics Report etc.


The FarEye interface reduces your dependency on intuition and assumptions and provides you with business data and analytics to take accurate decisions. The business insights can be effectively utilized to plan for the future and achieve desired results.

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