Live and Digital proof

Know real-time updates & get digital proof of attempt:

Real-Time Update ReportIt is certainly very difficult to know about the whereabouts of the field workforce. To offer a better service to the customer and to plan and strategize for the same it is important that the manager knows “Who is doing What, Where and How?” on the field. This not only helps in planning the operations beforehand but also it helps in understanding the performance of the each field workforce.

Real-Time coordination

Real-Time Coordination

Co-ordinate all in realtime to manage better

In the process of delivering better customer experience while cutting down on costs, it is important that you tell your mobile workforce when and where they are expected to be and provide details of the work they are required to do. To effectively manage the workforce with proper information it is trivial to have smooth flow of information between the manager and your field workforce.

  • Reduce time consumption
  • Shorten service lead times
  • Address two issues immediately
  • Mobility and Service Optimisation

GPS coordinates

Track everything real-time!

With accurate GPS tracking, the manager can have access to data which helps in knowing field workforce activity and detailed insights into his productivity. Workforce management solutions with GPS tracking provide many benefits which improve the efficiency and productivity of a mobile workforce.

  • In-day scheduling
  • Improved accuracy
  • Shortened appointment windows
GPS Tracking

Digital Proof of Service

Field Management software

Get the digital proof of your service

With FarEye., the manager will be able know the details about proof of attempt, delivery date and time, signature of the person  etc.


Geo-fencing for an enterprise can be effective to monitor workforce movement in a desired location. By setting a virtual fence, you can give clear instructions to your workforce. Now., with geo-fencing you are monitoring your drivers’ fuel usage, driver behavior like idling and speeding significantly waste fuel etc. Also, geo-fencing helps in transforming the local data concerning a person’s movement into :

  • business intelligence
  • workforce monitoring and management
  • remote surveillance of transport and people
Field Management software