Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

FarEye helps enterprises to streamline and dispatch the right resources to the right job and get instant updates from the field by providing a 360 Degree view

In Oil & Gas industry, the workforce is spread across rigs and platforms. Managing workforce and field operations is a herculean task for the managers. The need to incorporate a deployable mobile solution has become the need of the hour to fight down-time, enable communication in remote-location & accelerate order to cash by streamlining the dispatch procedure & the field operations.

Critical challenges of the Oil & Gas industry include:

  • Mounting legislative compliance mandates
  • Disconnected systems
  • Lengthy order to cash cycles
  • Low utilization and revenue per field resources

The FarEye Solution

Easy management of work orders for various visits like commissioning, repair and maintenance.
Easy dispatch of jobs to the distributed workforce across various geographies.
Real time monitoring and 360 degree view of operations even in remote places.
Mobile access for field engineers to all past service history, pricing, orders through seamless integration with CRM.
Reporting automation which reduces the errors & time spent on manual paperwork
Real-time access to reports and dashboards that helps in giving various metrics such as resource utilization, equipment uptime, missed SLAs.