Let your customer decide the mode of payment

Customers may choose different modes of payments to pay for their transactions. This choice of the customers will be driven by convenience, availability, security and many other reasons. Multiple Payment options give consumers more options to pay and allow them to select payment methods that they are comfortable with. Offering multiple payment options helps in gaining customers.

Digitalize Payment

Digitalize your payment modes

Common consumer concerns behind the technology include the lack of enhanced convenience over traditional cards, and confusion around security associated with the payment method. FarEye integrates with a variety of merchant gateway solutions for processing electronic payments.

  • M-tap
  • Mobile Banking
  • Card Swipe

Cash – On – Delivery : Win Trust & Customer Loyalty

Customers does not need to own a credit card to purchase. Impulse purchases may increase as payment is not due at the time of ordering. Credibility of retailers may be increased because the consumer only has to pay when he receives the product.

  • Build trust
  • Desire to touch and feel a product before paying for it
Cash On Delivery Payment