FarEye helps you streamline your operations by automating your sales & logistics operations – thereby increasing productivity, preventing stock-out and return situation.

Today’s retailers are faced with complexities ranging from increased competition, demanding consumers, technological advancements and price pressure. Every retailer has a wide reach and therefore needs to integrate far flung areas into a centralized system to streamline operations. This industry is characterized by aggressive field force, cut throat competition and is extremely profit oriented and therefore there is a dire need for visibility and real time stock updates to address the below challenges:

  • Visibility: Companies have limited visibility on inventory data, which is often shared through datasheet by distributors/ Salesmen on a daily/ weekly basis which the company monitors for taking further orders. This is done manually and is prone to errors and delays.
  • Market coverage: Challenging for companies to track the sales for their products at the retailer level. The sales executive make visits on a periodic basis to ensure that the stock is replenished & the shelf-space is properly utilized.
  • Limited control: Companies have limited control on product distribution & marketing of the products at the retail outlets due to lack of real time visibility. There is high dependency of word – of – mouth and limited tools to validate.

The Fareye Solution

FarEye is a mobility solution that helps streamline and optimize business functionalities like insurance sales, policy issuance, servicing and claims and agency application processing.