Reverse Pickup

FarEye helps you improve your customer’s return experience, leading to increased sales. Keep your promise, keep your customer.

Offering easy returns for free is a mantra to keep your customer coming back for more. Giving extended returns to the customers within promised timeframes – 90 minute pick-ups, same day pick-ups increase the customers’ inclination to buy but at the same time burn a hole in the business pockets impacting the bottom line. Reverse Logistics accounts for a significant chunk of the logistics cost – over 9%. We at FarEye understand the complication and costs involved in making this a smooth experience for the client.

FarEye aims at augmenting your process by introducing customized solutions to help you over come your challenges associated.

Map based view and geo-coordinates of customer

FarEye’s dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the customer pick-up request location and the available personnel in the area.

Proof of Delivery

Schedule & Dispatch

Auto broadcast & Assignment

FarEye automatically broadcasts the pick-up request based on certain preset criteria like the proximity to the customer & work-load.

Time bound acceptance

This ensures that a pick-up request is either rejected or accepted within a particular time frame and when accepted the time left for the pick-up to be attempted.

Automated Reports

Customer Delight

Electronic Proof Of Attempt on Mobile App

On picking up the package the job status is updated– Electronic Proof of Pick-up, Image, Digital Signature, customer rating etc.

Tracking option to customer

A tracking alert is sent to the customer when the pick-up request is accepted giving enough intimation and ensuring a successful pick up.


Live Updates

Manager’s Dashboard

This gives the manager a live view of job updates with proof of attempt and operational statistics. FarEye provides a map based view of customer request and live tracking of field workforce, job status & performance of each hub.