Sales Force Automation

With FarEye the client can drive replenishment orders and track visibility eventually leading to new customer acquisition and increased sales.

The problem of stockout is one of the most prevalent and pernicious challenges faced by the retail industry. Stock out situations lead to loss of sales and negative brand image. Organizations with a wide network and sales reps spread across geographies are faced with challenges like lack of visibility and irregularity in the reporting about branding, inventory and merchandize. There is no way of validating the data collected from the field and businesses are often clueless about the situation – replenishment, stock, liquidation, branding, merchandize etc.

FarEye helps you boost your sales and improve your on-site product marketing by providing real-time visibility, automated schedule & dispatch of leads & order placement from the field.


Field Management software

Schedule and Dispatch

FarEye’s intelligent TSP algorithm can schedule and assign leads, prospects and follow-ups to the sales reps on the field

Mobile Assist

Necessary details to the sales rep to ensure smooth sales - customer information at hand, order placed, discussion stage and all the other information transmitted through API integration

Field Management software

Field Management software

Order Placement & Choice of payments

Orders from the field with geo- coordinates can be punched by the sales rep, the next visit can be schedules and payments collected and reconciled.

Electronic Proof Of Visit & Data Capture

The sales rep can capture information at the retailers & take stock of the inventory. Transmit real time information about the SKUs, stock status, shelf space utilization, visibility, product positioning and marketing

Field Management software

Field Management software

Automated Reports

All the work entered during the day is collated and automated reports are generated reducing the possibility of errors and giving more time to the sales rep to close deals.

Manager’s Dashboard

Transactions done are captured & visible to the manager in real time. Graphical views, analytics & real -time performance monitoring of each sales rep enables smooth co-ordination & reduced response time.

Field Management software