Schedule and Dispatch

Optimize your scheduling based on the availability of the resources

Schedule and Dispatch SoftwareThe day in the life of a field executive has its own challenges and so for the service organization. Prioritizing the existing jobs, adjusting ad-hoc requests, rescheduling the requests when the customer is not at home are the issues faced in dispatching the jobs to the field workforce.

With FarEye., scheduling & dispatching is done in order to optimize the resources available based on jobs, availability of resources, proximity of the location, availability of the field executive through intelligent automation. FarEye gives the flexibility to the manager to choose the best way to assign the hob to his field executive. The manager can choose amongst automated scheduling, manual scheduling, auto-assigning and auto-routing based on the requirement of the situation.

Why FarEye for Scheduling & Dispatching ?

  • Increase the workforce efficiency
  • Optimization of resource allocation
  • Improves schedule accuracy
  • Reduce customer response time

With FarEye’s Scheduling & Dispatching the manager can assign the right resource at the right place at the right time.

Automated Scheduling

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Automate your Scheduling with FarEye

FarEye easily integrates with the ERPs and CRMs of the organization and through its intelligent automation., the jobs are directly pushed on to the mobiles of field workforce. This reduces the time spent on admin work as well as automatically assigns the resources in a way that optimization of jobs as well as field executive are done.

Manual Scheduling

Be ready to handle the unplanned scenarios

Manual scheduling helps to accommodate customer requests under unplanned and adhoc scenarios with the help of assistive map views. This improves your schedule accuracy, reduce response times and maintain compliance, improve utilization and reduce customer times.

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Order Orchestration Engine

Field Management software

Large organisations today, have complexity in managing orders and this in turn, escalates supply-chain costs and also the inaccurate promises. By integrating with the existing ERP’s & CRM’s, FarEye’s order engine creates a centralised order management system that helps in delivering significant operational benefits including:

  • Centralised order monitoring
  • Assign new orders & gain unprecedented control over order processes
  • Efficient handling of complex orders

Auto Assigning

Increase your customer responsiveness by processing your customer request within 2 minutes

FarEye’s auto-assign feature is best suited for real time customer requests, Hyperlocal and On Demand services. Auto-assigning identifies the best person for the job and assigns the task. FarEye picks the most suited field worker for the job based on the work load, distance from the customer etc. This eliminates the need to manually assign and reach out to multiple employees.

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Auto Routing

Field Management software

Optimize your jobs by assigning the job through the best route

Time -based routing & Street Level Routing (SLR) helps in planning the workforce such that they reach out to the customer on-time while keeping the schedule intact. FarEye’s Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) algorithm & j-spirit algorithms for routing helps in understanding the hidden traps in planning and :

  • Reducing the delays
  • Actual time spent
  • Maximise the number of jobs
  • Cut down on fuel costs