Market Place

Bring them onboard. Build your Marketplace.

To satisfy customers it is very important to have a diversified product line and portfolio. To add the flavour of diversity in products the e-commerce venture have to get more sellers on board. More the number of sellers, more the number of products and services offered and thus., resulting in maximising the probability to attract a customer. On boarding of sellers is the most critical process for any ecommerce site. Almost 68% of the time is spent on managing supplier data thus, making the process lengthy. Onboarding of sellers include a lot of manual data validation, rising costs of operations and disconnect between the sellers & e-commerce players.

With Far-Eye, the on boarding of sellers is made quicker and easier. It allows real time coordination between the sellers and the sales team, on the field and the backend staff. It helps in simplifying and streamlining the supplier onboarding by automating validation and processes.

Seller Verification

Seller verification

Automates the process of onboarding the suppliers on to the platform by quick & easy verification process

Process Automation

End-to-end automation helps in quick on-boarding of information, processes and workforce.

Automation Process

Catalogue Management

Catalogue Management

Provides shoppers with the product descriptions that help them to take informed decisions

Schedule & Dispatch

Assign a job to your workforce based on the proximity to the customer & work-load

Schedule & Dispatch

Automated Runsheets

Automated Runsheets

Digitalised run sheets help in generating the details that has to be given to the runner


Generated analytics helps in understanding the operations and enable better decision-making

Analytics Report