Uberize your workplace & stay customer-centric

Customer Centric Business WorldIn today’s customer-centric business world., Uberization have become a buzz word. Uberization have transformed the way of reaching out and delighting the customers. It makes the companies and processes just one mobile click away from the customers. It has emerged as a technology for better engaging of businesses, customers and employees.

Apart from delighting the customers, Uberization has revolutionized the workplace too. In today’s world, businesses have become more customer-centric and the pressure is mounting on the top-executives to come up with new strategies in motivating their employees to be more customer-friendly and proactive in giving the service.

By moving away from a traditional product-centric culture that exists just to create products to sell to customers to moving towards becoming a service culture, the companies are striving to tangibilize the intangible. The purpose of this transformation would be to offer personalised, engaging financial solutions that are founded on a reliable and real-time understanding of their customers—and their increasing expectations for seamless customer experiences.

FarEye’s Uberisation helps in reducing product lifecycles and customer experience. With Uberization., the gamification of field jobs is done, where the field executives would consider it more of a game rather than a boring job.

Broadcasting Job

Broadcast the jobs to the field executives

broadcast the job or service requests to the field executives and let them accept or reject the request.

Let the field executive pick the job

Give the freedom to your executive, to choose the jobs based on his workload.

Choose Job

Jobs Gamification

Gamification of jobs

Make the job interesting, make him feel that he is playing a game and not just ending up by doing a boring job.

Increases productivity

By mobilization of workforce & Uberisation of workplace increase the number of jobs and the productivity.

Productivity Increase

Customer Delight Increases

Impacts customer Delight

Quick and Easy processing of service requests reduces customer TAT and increases customer delight.

Steady increase in the revenues

Increased productivity and increased customer satisfaction increases the revenues.

Increases Revenue