Amway is one of the world's largest direct selling businesses which is powered by brands that do wonders and opportunities that empower. The core of Amway is to have relationships that endure. Over 52 years ago, Amway was built on principles, people and products that have touched millions of lives around the world. As a natural progression, Amway expects all its partners to deliver the same set of values and promise. Amway has recently got FarEye on board to deliver the experience guaranteed by its brand name. Amway chose FarEye, World’s #1 Global Logistics Mobility Solution because of its flexible, scalable and future-oriented solutions which gave them 100 percent visibility of the product journey till it reached the end customer.

In today’s era of Uberization, on-demand customer experience is the key. Be it ordering a pizza at their fingertips or tracking the time of its arrival, the empowered consumers want to have the power to pick and choose what they want, as well as have complete visibility of the product journey.

As a company that offers over 140 products across categories, Amway has to interact with multiple offline and online agents on a daily basis. This massive scale of operations posed a huge challenge for the company. In order to enhance its customer experience, Amway India was scouting for an IT solution that could help them gain real time visibility of its 3PL partner network and could help them keep their customers engaged at every step post an order was placed. Amway was looking for a flexible and agile solution to support its IT initiatives, increase the effectiveness of its operations and at the same time, was easily integrated with its 3PL partner network to optimize its operations.

Diptarag Bhattacharjee, COO, Amway India shares, “In today’s world where customer experience is the new battleground every retailer wants to give an enhanced experience to its customers. The digital supply chain became a mandate for Amway in order to sustain and grow. At the same time, engaging customer journey while maintaining costs became crucial.”

FarEye’s team of experts evaluated Amway’s challenges well and offered them a solution which gave them the desired visibility into of the process right from the time products move out of the fulfillment centers until they reached the customer or direct seller with the help of third-party logistics (3PL).

Diptarag shares why was FarEye chosen as the partner of choice, “FarEye’s multi-lingual product with mobile application in iOS & Android and a process engine to adapt to geographic specific logistic processes helped us to ensure that Amway’s 3PL partners were providing the experience guaranteed by our brand name.”

As soon as the customer and direct seller places an order with Amway, the warehouse team prepares a ready-to-ship package and using FarEye’s platform digitally notifies one of the multiple 3PL partners. Thus begins the ‘after order’ customer engagement which is of utmost importance in today’s era of customer being the focal point of all business operations.

FarEye added visibility to Amway’s logistics. Its platform helped Amway to cut down the delivery time as well as evaluate 3PL partners based on their on-the-ground performance, thus separating the star performers from the laggards. The solution also helped its 3PL partners in directly engaging with the customers as well as understanding the operations better. FarEye’s logistics mobility solution helped Amway’s 3PL partners in most efficient route plan and delivery process. With FarEye’s mobility solution the customer could reschedule the time of shipment delivery at his own convenience. Simultaneously, the delivery teams kept the customer and direct sellers engaged with real-time updates on the status of the shipment through handheld devices. The FarEye platform works well even in 2G environment, delivers preset messages indicating shipment location and expected time of delivery.

Kushal Nahata, Co-founder & CEO, FarEye comments, “Today the customer is at the core of all business operations. 86 percent of the customers are willing to spend more in order to ensure a smooth customer experience. Hence enhancing customer experience while maintaining costs becomes crucial. Most retailers are outsourcing business processed in order to ensure that their brand promise is delivered. With FarEye’s Global Logistics Management Solution, retailers can transform their customer experience and deliver ‘delight’ by having complete visibility of the logistics movement and keeping customer informed at every step, ‘real-time.’

FarEye’s mobility platform has helped enterprises increase the first-time attempts by 25%, reduce the fuel expenses by 28% and increase the customer visits by 66%. FarEye brings the expertise of working with larger enterprises across the industry verticals in Retail, ecommerce-logistics, BFSI, Healthcare, Field Services and FMCG. FarEye has been empowering the logistics wings of Blue Dart - DHL, Walmart India, Hero FinCorp, Bajaj Capital and over 75 large organisations across 15 countries globally.

A graduate from Microsoft Acceleration programme 2016, FarEye made it to the coveted Deloitte Tech Fast 250 Asia Pacific list based on its proprietary technology that solves a critical need for client companies to fuel business operations with efficiency and speed. FarEye’s three-year cumulative revenue growth exceeding 200 per cent was a key parameter for its inclusion in the prestigious listing.

Amway Chooses FarEye To Ensure Its Brand Promise Is Delivered Real-Time

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FarEye’s multi-lingual product with mobile application in iOS & Android and a process engine to adapt to geographic specific logistic processes helped us to ensure that Amway’s 3PL partners were providing the experience guaranteed by our brand name.”

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