BCIBL has been in the insurance broking business since 2004 providing a wide range of insurance products to over 6 lakh clients. BCIBL ensures maximum level of client satisfaction by providing them with correct information about every insurance product combined with emphasis on specialized advisory on any type of insurance solutions throughout leading to higher financial security.

The collection process is the back bone of the organizations. This process involves collection of KYC documents, money collection and ECS collection eventually leading to customer acquisition and customer retention. More customers directly translate into more revenue for any business.

FarEye assists Bajaj Capital Insurance Broking Ltd. to increase customer visits by 66 % and deliver on-time service to the customer

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  • Customer orders are pushed to FarEye through API integration and consolidation of the orders from multiple sellers takes place.
  • The packages are scanned when picked up from the merchant and a list is created automatically on the rider’s phone. For heavy shipments; digital volumetric weight can be captured.


FarEye’s mobile workforce management platform enabled the runners to optimize their day. With FarEye’s geo-tagging and tracking features, less time was spent trying to find a customer’s house and more time was spent doing collections. The exact location of field employees on FarEye’s dashboard ensured that the client’s house was visited at the time promised by them while taking an appointment.

Average increase of 66% in the number of customer visits per runner per day
Mobile workforce management. Geo-tagging and tracking feaures.
Real time tracking and immediate records update.
Customers were visited on time as promised

Change with FarEye

Through constant vigilance and standardization of the entire collection process, the benefits received by Bajaj Capital were:
Increased Productivity

Real-time tracking & immediate records ensured that the runners utilized their day entirely for collections. There was an average increase of 66% in the number of customer visits per runner per day.

Enhanced Customer Commitment

By reducing idle time or time spent on the roads by each runner, our client ensured that customer was visited as promised and on-time.

Reduction in Fraud

FarEye’s geo-tagging provides the exact location of the field employee allowing the backend office to find out if the client was actually visited at the designated location or not.

Measured Productivity

The FarEye application with the runner allows real time update of status of task performed. At any point in the day their manager knows if a collection was successful or unsuccessful and proof for the same.

Direct information to the Head Office

The Head office is no longer dependent on each branch to know status of ECS collection since they get immediate collection record from FarEye.

Enhanced Client Contact

The runner was able to capture the exact address of a new customer or if there was a change in the residence of an existing customer, thereby ensuring ease in location of address for future contact.

FarEye’s geo-tagging & tracking software ensured flawless operations for BCIBL leaving no scope for misinformation.

Insurance case study

The need for security will last for as long as the human race lives. Insurance being a service industry and dealing with human emotion – it is imperative that the customer is placed at the center of all its functions.

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