The Magic Of Auto-Routing

Date Posted on 17th Apr 2018 in Blog

FarEye’s revolutionary AUTO ROUTING Feature 

Feed in as many addresses as you can and have a route ready within minutes. FarEye’s internal database of over 1 billion stored addresses improves the address quality by 20-25%. Another layer of intelligence is further applied to convert the text-based addresses to geo-pins on map for optimal routing, saving a substantial share of the ‘last-mile’ cost that constitutes about 28%-32% of the total logistics costs, thus reducing miles per delivery.

Gamification in Food Logistics

Date Posted on 17th Apr 2018 in Blog

Gamification in Food Logistics

The Food industry is one of the most operations-intensive industries where creativity and efficiency are of equal importance. To eat food is a basic and recurring human need and customers. With competition rising in the food business like never before, customers give a lot of importance to speed, quality, and overall customer experience.

Think Beyond Amazon!

Date Posted on 21st Feb 2018 in Blog

“The Everything Store” is indeed on the path to dominating nearly every category of retail sales. With the launch of Prime delivery, Amazon is giving convenience and dominance to stores, the multi-channel retailing has broken down the division between online and brick-and-mortar stores.

Nearly, one-quarter of online respondents say they order grocery products online, and more than half (55%) are willing to do so in the future. Growth of online grocery shopping is driven in part by the maturation of the digital natives—Millennials and Generation Z.

E-way bill - What do we know so far & What to do next

Date Posted on 2nd Feb 2018 in Blog

With a vision to bring uniformity across the nation, Government of India is rolling out the electronic way bill or e-way bill from February 1 2018. This basically means that the transporters will no longer need separate transit passes for moving goods from one state to another as the e-way bill issued to them will be valid throughout India.

Here’s How to Know About Flight Delays Even Before the Airlines

Date Posted on 1st Feb 2018 in Blog

If you are one of those rare lucky souls who never had to kill time sitting at an airport lounge, waiting for a delayed flight, stop reading further. You may not be able to appreciate the small yet significant change that the world has just witnessed. The first thing that a traveller thinks when he receives the official notification regarding a flight delay is- Wish I knew it a few hours earlier! I could have started late at home! If only I had stopped at my favourite café on way to the airport, and so on. Unfortunately, by the time official announcement comes in, the passenger is already at the airport and has no option but to wait.

Parcel Shop Technology ‘Drop & Pick’ To Benefit Billions of eCommerce Shoppers Globally!

Date Posted on 25th Jan 2018 in Blog

FarEye, a digital logistics platform has launched its flagship product - Drop&Pick. This parcel shop technology has already been incorporated by various businesses to facilitate paperless, high speed and secure delivery and pick up of parcels through its service points including DHL, Blue Dart and First Flight. Its successful roll out is now revolutionizing traditional delivery and pick-up processes towards efficient digital and customer-centric approaches.

Fabelio Partners With FarEye To Enable Digital Logistics

Date Posted on 11th Jan 2018 in Customer Stories, Blog

South-East Asia’s biggest economy is growing with increased purchasing power of its 260 million population. Transport and logistics industry is playing a huge role in establishing Indonesia as a leader and world power.

Fabelio, one of the leading furniture marketplace aims to tap the changing consumer behaviour and the huge business opportunity underlying in it. With an aim to strengthen its technology offering, improve its logistics infrastructure, manage a wide portfolio of products - Fabelio has partnered with FarEye to improve its Delivery Happiness Score.

Digitally Transform Your Logistics Operations To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Date Posted on 11th Jan 2018 in Blog

We are entering an era of dynamic and fundamental change to day-to-day operations. While the millennials today are witnessing rapid advancements in the ecommerce and thereby, the logistics operations, communications and collaboration tools are dramatically changing the way companies craft the logistics strategies,  processes and systems.

What Can Team India Learn From The Digital Supply Chain World? #IndiavsSA

Date Posted on 4th Jan 2018 in Blog

The Indian cricket team has been spreading its magical touch all through 2017. However, many of us, passionate cricket lovers and die-hard fans of team India, were not entirely convinced with the achievements of the last year. Reason- it all came on friendly tracks and conditions in the Asian subcontinent. The real test for Asian teams (including team India) is when they tour outside the subcontinent (South Africa, Australia, England, New Zealand etc.). Like every India cricket fan who doubles up as a cricket expert, we also have some advice inspired by digital supply chain best practices that can help team India to settle #Hisaab25SaalKa (revenge of 25 years) against Protease.  Take a look:-

Market Guide by Gartner: Vehicle Routing and Scheduling

Date Posted on 28th Dec 2017 in Blog

The eCommerce industry has grown exponentially in the past two decades. Customer centricity and User Experience have become the focus areas, making last-mile logistics, a key to cut the clutter in such a competitive market. 86% of consumers believe that delivery is an important part of their online shopping experience as it is the only actual touch point for customers in the world of eCommerce. Therefore, making it necessary for logistics companies to invest in digital logistics.

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