Digitally Transform Your Logistics Operations To Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Date Posted on 11th Jan 2018 in Blog

We are entering an era of dynamic and fundamental change to day-to-day operations. While the millennials today are witnessing rapid advancements in the ecommerce and thereby, the logistics operations, communications and collaboration tools are dramatically changing the way companies craft the logistics strategies,  processes and systems. As a result, companies are embracing the new paradigm shift that will be able to strip out millions of dollars of operating costs and achieve better supply chain integration.

Systems have changed, the way logistics processes are run are also changing. Eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, breaking down silos and building a personalised delivery network have become the primary focus every organisation. This will help build a profitable as well as an agile Supply Chain. The digital ecosystem will boost the performance of the logistics operations and help create an automated, agile and a faster supply chain. By digitally transforming the operations, the companies will fuel growth and move towards building a cost-efficient supply chain that will help in faster cycle times and championing the operational efficiencies.


Needless to say, the blueprint for digital transformation draws upon three actions:

(i) Building new products and offerings

(ii) Digitializing core operations

(iii) Building an agile supply-chain

The convergence of mobility, internet and analytics is giving logistics, a tech makeover. This is ushering in a new era of into the supply chain by fuelling the business opportunities and creating new revenues. The logistics opportunities created are driving a market transformation from traditional logistics to a new era in Digital Logistics.

(i) Build new products and offerings:

New Digital Platforms: Building new digital platforms will help in removing the supply chain inefficiencies, solve problems associated in terms of resource utilisation and improve demand-planning and visibility across the processes.

Advanced Analytics: Data-backed solutions, can now create tools that, in turn helps to optimise their own operations and efficiencies in the processes.

Live-Dashboards: Intuitive dashboards, aka Delivery Happiness Platforms will boost operational visibility and connectivity improving the silos, that allows stakeholders connect seamlessly through the supply chain.


(ii) Digitalizing core operations:

Automated Processes: Automated processes will increase the automation of business processes and can help in digitizing the procurement with easy capabilities.

Seamless collaboration: Eyeing future operational improvements via robotics, artificial intelligence and even augmented reality can help elevate a logistical organisation’s operational efficiencies in multiple processes and working models.

Advanced analytics: Similar to the benefits derived from the offering of new analytical tools are the advanced use of analytics to optimise operations in routing, delivering the parcels to the parcel lockers and others.

Customer Experience: Putting in place a digital front end not only provides customers with a convenient one-stop experience, also improves internal operational visibility and automates the existing manual processes.

(iii) Building an agile supply-chain:

Resource Utilisation: Logistics enterprises must adapt to smart allotment of jobs to their resources based on pre-set parameters like job availability, resource allocation, proximity to the customer. This will help maintain efficiencies, grow into new areas and deliver on the promise of value for customers.

Supporting IT Systems: It helps in proffering the benefits of digital throughout the logistics organisation and helps rationalize investments in more flexible technology systems throughout the value chain.

Agility: In order to build an agile and flexible Supply Chain, the solution development in order to maintain the pace of digital and maximize its benefits.

Companies can now recognise the changing landscape and invest prudently in process change and supporting digital technologies will reap vast benefits. To unlock the significant advantage and the value creation, we can help you in digitally transforming your logistics to create new revenues and deliver better results.

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