Top 3 Supply Chain lessons from Super Bowl LI

February 13, 2017

Developing plans, garnering & analyzing data, motivating & measuring success is the key!

Super Bowl LI has seen another magical finish with New England Patriots making a historic comeback win (34-28) in nerve-biting finals against Atlanta Falcons. James White scoring the game-winning two-yard touchdown in overtime against the Atlanta Falcons crowned the New England Patriots with Super Bowl LI.

Games like this spawn books, movies, go into the speeches of the motivational speakers. Not just this, they teach management lessons for Supply Chain as well. With the objectives getting clear to what are the goals to be achieved, and how to deliver within the stipulated time, it is nothing different than moving the ball from one place to another.

Top 3 Supply Chain lessons from Super Bowl LI

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What do you think that unites a football team and makes winning team separate from the others? Any religious follower any sport can understand the significance of numbers and how they help in understanding the desired parameters set. Sports fanatics spend hours in analyzing and playing with the numbers. They wouldn’t have spent so much if it's not of great importance.

The same holds for Supply Chains as well, garnering data about the operations and forecasting helps in optimizing the jobs and workforce to deliver on-time while keeping costs intact.

Have a contingency plan: Be prepared for “what-if” scenarios:

During practice sessions and trial matches, players & coaches come up with strategies to combat the challenges they might face. Same applies to supply chain as well. How would it have been when Tom Brady was injured and might have assumed contingency plan about it. In reaching the objectives set, there might be some challenges like the injury of the player, red-card exits etc., but the coach and the team management have a backup option to beat the crisis. This applies to supply chain as well.

Supply Chain has to be prepared for the “what-if” situations so that they are ready to deal with unexpected scenarios. This helps in status-quo and stay in action.

Keeping the spirits up!

When you see a team playing on the field, we witness players cheering and patting each other. The number of goals on the board keeps them motivated and keep them trying their best to inch towards success. This is something Supply Chain’s have to adapt.

Delivering parcels is mundane! Gamification helps in keeping the rider motivated, engaged and deliver more.

As you see this Super Bowl LI you realize how teams have coped up with unanticipated and undesired situations that arise. Now, Supply Chain companies have to look into their strategies and game-plan to keep their logistics flexible.

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