Business Process Management Tool

Each enterprise has unique requirements and no standard software or ready-to- use solution can cater to 100% of your business requirement. FarEye’s Business Process Management platform mobilizes enterprises while keeping their uniqueness intact and enabling transparency and efficiency.

Easy to Use Interface

FarEye’s BPM tools are housed in an intuitive web interface, instantly speaking to both ops and business personnel. Designing and creating a workflow is simplicity itself with FarEye’s workflow tool. Implementation and monitoring are not only pain-free in themselves on FarEye’s BMP platform, but allow for ready collaboration between colleagues.

Don’t miss out on growing business opportunities

Unlike your IT department, FarEye’s BPM tool is responsive to changing business requirements & keeps pace with technological volatility. Circumstances that call for changes in workflow can be instantly accommodated with drag-and- drop ease on the FarEye BPM platform. New modified workflow measures snap into place with minimal disruption, keeping the organization agile and ready for new opportunities.

No coding, no cost

Say goodbye to painful coding and added costs each time a new process comes into place. Customized as it may be for each company, FarEye’s platform enables quick implementation of revised processes with minimal expertise required for recreation.

Within a couple of hours, FarEye successfully added the digital payment feature for Three out of the Top Five courier companies to ensure minimal impact of demonetization.

What BPM with FarEye will do for your company.

  • Reduce discussion time as one-glance information leads to faster decisions
  • Reduce response time in reaction to problems and requirements
  • Make employees productive and frees them from being bogged down with workarounds
  • Eliminate reinvention of solutions to unforeseen problems
  • Keep the organization flexible, nimble and agile, seeing fewer barriers to adapting to new needs
  • Give the company an edge over competitors as it sheds the baggage of cumbersome processes.
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