How about 25% more deliveries every day?
Enterprise Web-based SaaS platform to boost delivery efficiency.
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Delivery Productivity

Improve delivery productivity for each agent and achieve more deliveries.

Delivery Efficiency

Increase the total number of deliveries while maintaining the same cost.

Delivery Satisfaction

Improve delivery satisfaction for your customers through on-time deliveries.

Enabling Digital Logistics


Build & change delivery processes faster

Build your own delivery process using a no-code interface and make live changes to your processes in real-time. Accelerate go-live time with quick RoI by buying it over building it.

Improve Routing Efficiency

Deliver more with better routing with dynamic routing capabilities. With better routing efficiency, you can achieve increased deliveries at reduced costs. Adhere and exceed delivery SLAs with optimized routing.


Gamify your deliveries

Keep your field staff in high spirits by rewarding them for every additional delivery. Use FarEye’s pre-built gamification module to create a delivery leaderboard and structure your rewards program based on that.

Get AI-driven insights

Make your delivery execution platform future-ready with cutting edge artificial intelligence capabilities. Get competitive edge through AI-driven analytics, insights, routing and allocation.


Improve Cost efficiency

Make your processes cost-efficient through improved operational efficiency. Achieve more deliveries at the same cost and improve profitability through continuous improvement of processes.


Managing Director

“Blue Dart is delighted to partner with FarEye. We are a highly focused and insanely customer-centric brand and this partnership will only enable to enhance the experience for our customers. It has also helped us in automating first mile pickups and last mile deliveries and going almost paperless, a small step in reinforcing our goal to have zero emissions by 2050”.

Logistics & Distribution Head

“In today’s world where customer experience is the new battleground every retailer wants to give an enhanced experience to its customers. The digital supply chain became a mandate for Amway in order to sustain and grow. At the same time, engaging the customer journey while maintaining costs became crucial. FarEye’s multi-lingual product with a mobile application in iOS & Android and a process engine to adapt to geographic-specific logistics processes helped us to ensure that Amway’s 3PL partners were providing the experience guaranteed by our brand name.”

Giants trust FarEye

Learn how giants such as DHL, Dominos, Blue Dart, Nokia & Walmart improved delivery efficiency with FarEye.