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4 Easy Ways To Make Hungry Customers Happy and Boost Profitability

Real-time dynamic routing features of a food delivery platform is critical for fulfilling hyper-local food delivery requirements. Hyper-local food delivery is extremely demanding when it comes to quick turn-around-times (TAT).

Online Food Delivery Platform: Creating Alternatives Closer To Downloading Food

The spike in online food ordering in the last five-years is steep. A research highlighted that digital ordering and delivery have grown 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. Also, 60 percent of restaurant operators say that offering online delivery has generated incremental sales.

Still Banking on Paper-Based Delivery Proofs? Here’s Why You Should Ditch It

Electronic proof of delivery increases the speed and efficiency of last-mile delivery. It reduces manual errors, eliminates paperwork, and minimizes chances of manipulation.

3 Ways How A Modern Logistics Software Can Improve Your Customer’s Delivery Experience

A modern, AI-enabled logistics software can help you achieve this by automatically allocating tasks to delivery executives, depending on the available resources and the destination of a parcel.

Logistics Software: How Auto Companies Can Build A Future Ready Supply Chain

Use of IoT (Internet of Thins) enabled devices in an automotive supply chain provides better visibility -- the key building block needed to address rising costs and risks, changing customer expectations, poor delivery-fleet productivity and inefficient route planning.

The Real Cost of A Bad Delivery Experience

The bottom line for every business is to satisfy the needs of buyers, which involves several factors, such as customer experience, appropriate support system, quick delivery, and advanced services.

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