Ignorance is not always bliss – Increase your last mile visibility

Ever landed up at your customer’s house to deliver despite being told that s/he will be unavailable? How many times have you been dumbfounded when asked by a customer ‘how far is the delivery person? Have you picked-up the returned goods the following day even though your runners were in the vicinity? Clueless about your fulfillment status?

With customers becoming demanding and wanting their parcels whenever and wherever they want – last-mile fulfillment is becoming dynamic and is often a key differentiator between two competitors. Lack of visibility in the last mile operations will be detrimental to the business and the end consumer. 

With ecommerce set to experience unprecedented growth in the coming years, it will be critical for successful client experience.

Ignorance is not always bliss – Increase your last mile visibility

According to a survey conducted by Forrester, 83% of shoppers rated knowing when a package will arrive at the single most important service an online brand or retailer can provide which only goes to prove that a well-integrated technology solution that provides real-time visibility into field operations is a must have.

Not only will the technology introduction help you to keep your customers in the loop but also help you to:

  • Remain proactive
  • Communicate changes to both the customer and on-field employee
  • Broadcast on-demand requests
  • Include last-minute customer requests
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Trigger follow up activities
  • Notify business partners and report events (internally and externally)
  • Preventing delays
  • Eliminate the anxiety of your consumer by giving her the option to track real-time
  • Have complete information when a customer calls

This ideal state of operations is not difficult to achieve if you have a well-integrated mobility solution that keeps all the stakeholders of the supply chain abreast with the progress. In order to make good business decisions, for planning and forecasting, it is not only important 

A well-defined dashboard with a macro level view of all the operations is a good enough tool for the manager to remain informed and act effectively at all times. Real-time visibility helps you include customer vagaries, last minute request, add more jobs to your daily list, address unforeseen circumstances and maintain spontaneity in decision making.

This not only helps you retain the customer base but also increase its productivity thereby generating more revenue with the given resources.

Don't turn a blind eye - make your operations transparent and stay ahead of your competitors. 

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