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Last Mile Challenge #1: Dealing with Increasing Operational Expenses

January 22, 2020

Advanced last-mile delivery software makes deliveries profitable by reducing fuel consumption, increasing first attempt delivery success rates, eliminating manual dependencies and mitigating risks. Let’s quickly delve deeper into each of these factors.

Overcoming Challenges in Achieving Supply Chain Visibility in 2020

January 14, 2020

As customer experience rapidly takes over price as a major competitive differentiator and margins keep shrinking, ensuring end-to-end visibility of supply chain and logistics operations will become imperative. Hence, there is no way out but to integrate disparate IT-systems and embrace disruptive technologies.

8 Essential Features to Look for in Delivery Management Software

January 01, 2020

Shrinking delivery time, ballooning customer expectations, and cut-throat price wars are making managing deliveries a herculean task. To find the right balance between all these aspects, it’s important to ensure robust last-mile delivery operations. A delivery management software can empower businesses to shrink costs, drive super-fast deliveries and help keep your customers loyal.

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