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Why A Free Route Planning Software Will Cause You More Harm Than Good

August 27, 2019

An advanced route planning software uses machine learning algorithms to sieve through tons of data to pick the most efficient routes for your deliveries without any limitation on the number of stops or vehicles to be optimized.

How Route Optimization Enhances Last Mile Delivery Operations

August 26, 2019

Modern route planning software equips your delivery partners to collect electronic proof of delivery as an image, signature, or timestamp while also providing an easy way to collect feedback for your business.

3 Reasons Why Route Optimization Is The Key To Successful Deliveries

August 22, 2019

90% of customers expect to be able to intervene after providing an incorrect address for delivery. Over 50% expect the ability to reroute a package to a different address or request an in-store pick-up, while the item is in transit.

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