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Latest Trends in Logistics & Supply Chain Industry

From drone deliveries making inroads to becoming mainstream to an increased focus on reverse logistics to more and more enterprises trying real-time and dynamic route planning technologies- the year 2019 has seen some interesting trends in the logistics & supply chain space. Read the story to find out more and what can be expected in the months to come.

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Express Computer

New Benchmarks In Predictive Digital Logistics

As one of India’s fastest growing startups with a 280% increase in ARR year on year, FarEye is enabling predictability and real-time visibility with its digital logistics platform. FarEye empowers global leaders with predictive visibility to gain advanced insights & operational KPIs to achieve on-time deliveries at reduced costs. Read more about our journey of growth in this story.

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Parcel & Postal Technology International Magazine

One To Watch- India's Logistics Sector

The growth in India’s logistics sector is proving to be an opportunity for businesses and consumers alike. Improvements in policy regulations, infrastructure investment, and new technologies are all giving the sector a boost and opening up new avenues for growth. In the article by Hilary Robertson, Kushal talks about the challenges, developments, and opportunities poised for India's logistics sector.

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Revolutionising Supply Chain Logistics With IoT And Machine Learning

The need to deliver on rapidly evolving customer expectations and simultaneously ensure profitability are driving businesses to rethink the way they have been executing supply chain and logistics operations. To address this, savvy businesses have been experimenting with multiple disruptive technologies for quite some time now, hence opening the doors to solutions that are driven by technologies like machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), automation, data analytics and more. The use of these powerful technologies has the utmost potential to reshape the dynamics of the logistics industry.

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Hindustan Times

Women In The Logistics Sector

Today we see more women working across sectors, whether it is airport lounges or driving auto-rickshaws or holding key ministerial positions. Globally, there are a lot more powerful women leading entire nations in turbulent times such as now. Notwithstanding, in certain industries such as logistics and transportation, the gender ratio has been so skewed in the recent past that it trumped any statistic that could indicate a trend of improvement & development. The logistics sector has traditionally been associated with physical work and, and consequently, hence considered a masculine sector. Let us bring in the change and cultivate a spirit of parity in the industry because success in any industry is defined by the talent and not gender.

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The Tribune

FarEye Enabling Delightful Delivery Experience

Starting with one client in 2013, FarEye now works with the largest enterprises in the world like DHL, Walmart, Amway, Blue Dart enabling them to run their logistics operations efficiently. Read the full story about our growth journey as covered by The Tribune.

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