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FarEye Fulfilment

FarEye Fulfilment is a real-time order fulfillment & visibility platform for retailers & shippers to increase perfect order index & offer faster delivery to end customers. FarEye Fulfilment helps companies become more customer-centric by helping them deliver an Amazon-standard customer experience, predictable ETAs, strict SLA adherence, flexibility, real-time visibility & control, and consistent omnichannel experience. FarEye Fulfillment helps you achieve perfect order index with unseen ease through the power of advanced automation.

FarEye’s Fulfillment software is a scalable platform that helps you optimize your order fulfillment operations involving 3PLs and logistics partners through digitalization. In addition to real-time visibility into the movement of parcels that are dispatched, you also get critical insights that help you choose your logistics partners in a data-driven fashion. Leverage FarEye’s highly available cloud platform to help track and transmit live location, state and ETA status to key stakeholders including customers. Ensure timely delivery, real-time visibility, efficient route planning, risk mitigation and high operational efficiency through this secure platform trusted by 100s of enterprises and businesses across 20+ countries.

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3PL Allocation & Placement

Allows data-driven 3PL allocation to help achieve on-time deliveries and at minimum cost

In-transit Visibility

Provides real-time visibility to the current status of the consignment for all stakeholders through a friendly user interface

Electronic Proof of Deliveries

Paves way for faster processing of payments and improved transparency through digital proof of deliveries

Digital Control Tower

Provides a control tower view of shipment statuses including alerts & exceptions to take corrective action and comply with committed SLAs

Connectors & Integrations

Integrates seamlessly with existing IT ecosystem(ERP, CRM, WMS, TMS, OMS platforms) through pre-built connectors

Alerts & Notifications

Keeps all stakeholders pre-emptively informed of delays and exceptions to keep anxiety levels of all stakeholders under control


We help you make strategic operational decisions at the right time.

30% Reduction in Loading/Unloading TAT
10% Increase in OTIF deliveries
25% Increase in Productivity

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