Achieve Delivery Orchestration and Visibility

Flexible delivery orchestration SaaS platform for courier, express & parcel enterprises

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Achieve more deliveries at a lesser cost

Achieving cost-optimized on-time deliveries in a climate of rising market competitiveness and customer expectations is a challenge that most courier, express and parcel companies face. We help the global post & parcel enterprises address cost and performance constraints with our cutting-edge SaaS-based delivery orchestration and visibility platform. This gives carrier companies cost and competitive advantage.

Logistics Software For Carriers

From orchestrating delivery operations digitally such as auto-allocation, auto-scheduling, auto-routing to providing stakeholders with real-time visibility, FarEye has helped global CEP enterprises achieve digitalization with our flexible platform with where you can make changes using a no-code, drag and drop interface. Achieve ample amount of operational elasticity and flexibility to optimize costs and performance.

What Do You Get?

Automated Allocation & Routing

Leverage the power of automation for optimal allocation of orders and the most efficient routing considering real-time traffic, weather conditions and customer availability. Cut empty miles and improve your first attempt success rate in deliveries. Deliver your customers and stakeholders a seamless and superior experience.

Driver App On Major Mobile Platforms

Achieve app-enabled driver operations that let you achieve driver onboarding & orchestration with ease. Whether it is uploading documents at the time of onboarding or driver debriefing or routing assistance, the app does it all and makes life easy for both your Dispatch Manager and your Field Executive to carry out deliveries in a smooth and organized manner.

Real-Time Track & Trace

Provide real-time track and trace functionality to both your customers and stakeholders in the carrier-side ecosystem which can enable you to take data-driven predictive decisions.

Borderless eCommerce With Locker/ Parcel Shop Deliveries

Transcend the traditional boundaries of eCommerce and offer pickup point deliveries, orchestrate mobile depots and hubs, pickups at service points and several other flexible options to set up your eCommerce network. Leverage pre-existing processes within the FarEye ecosystem to gain an edge over the rest with the multitude of servicing options in your capability set.

Tracking Chain Of Custody

Ensure continuous monitoring and seamless transfer of custody for your shipment at each leg from warehouses to delivery staff to the last mile driver. As the shipment passes across multiple stages and legs, providing visibility into the chain of custody to the right stakeholders is essential. This is where FarEye helps in providing the right level of chain of custody visibility to the right stakeholders.

Reverse Logistics

While every brand strives for first attempt deliveries, there can be cases when they’re not successful. FarEye provides a way to seamlessly manage reverse pickups and cut empty miles.

Add Speed, Efficiency & Predictability To Your Deliveries

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