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Achieve Increased On-Time Deliveries Efficiently

With eCommerce getting increasingly competitive, the customer experience benchmarks are steadily on the rise too. While customer experience is an absolute necessity, managing operations in a technology-driven, innovation-first manner is key to offering new services and gaining a competitive edge. FarEye helps eCommerce companies achieve the highest number of on-time deliveries with a high degree of accuracy in Expected Time of Arrivals. This not just pushes the customer experience levels to new highs but also enhances their logistics operational efficiency.


eCommerce Logistics Platform

FarEye is an ML-based enterprise digital logistics SaaS platform to execute faster, optimized and delightful deliveries. It helps eCommerce brands allocate the right 3PL, empower customers with flexible scheduling, track and trace in real-time and achieve efficiency in routing, allocation and fleet performance.

What Do You Get?


Flexibility To Customer

With FarEye, you can provide your customers the ability to pick their own delivery slots. Deliver to your customers, the flexibility they expect from you as an e-commerce provider and achieve competitive edge. Customers can also place special delivery instructions through an easy-to-use app interface and communicate securely with your drivers.


Chatbot-Based Support

Transcend traditional support models where customers make a dozen “Where is my shipment?” calls by providing them with a 24/7 Digital Service Agent using FarEye’s chatbot technology which integrates with a variety of messenger tools including Whatsapp. Curb customer anxiety with reassurance and readily available support.


Intelligent 3PL Partner Selection

Eliminate guesswork and last minute hustling when it comes to allocating the right 3PL partner to fulfil customer orders in a timely and efficient manner. Leverage the platform’s data-driven carrier allocation capabilities and make your carriers more accountable for their SLAs and performance benchmarks.


Pre-Built Connectors

Onboarding new carriers in a secure and a swift manner is now possible with FarEye’s pre-built connector ecosystem. This offers you a plethora of pre-built integrations with major IT systems such as ERP, CRM, WMS, OMS and allows seamless information interchange between shipper and carriers. This offers a host of benefits such as quick cash reconciliation, real-time updation of records and more.


Borderless eCommerce With Locker/ Parcel Shop Deliveries

Transcend the traditional boundaries of eCommerce and offer pickup point deliveries, orchestrate mobile depots and hubs, pickups at service points and several other flexible options to set up your e-commerce network. Leverage pre-existing processes within the FarEye ecosystem to gain an edge over the rest with the multitude of servicing options in your capability set.


Tracking Chain Of Custody

Ensure continuous monitoring and seamless transfer of custody for your shipment at each leg from warehouses to delivery staff to the last mile driver. As the shipment passes across multiple stages and legs, providing visibility into the chain of custody to the right stakeholders is essential. This is where FarEye helps in providing the right level of chain of custody visibility to the right stakeholders.


Reverse Logistics

While every brand strives for first attempt deliveries, there can be cases when they’re not successful. FarEye provides a way to seamlessly manage reverse pickups and cut empty miles.

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