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On-demand & Hyperlocal Delivery Software

The on-demand world is different from that of conventional deliveries especially in the case of perishables like food and grocery. Prepare your enterprise for delivering delightful on-demand delivery experiences with the right technology tools in place to keep control on operations and eventually the cost. Handle demand fluidity with ease through crowdsourcing and transform delivery experience with gamification.Ensure safety with 100% contactless deliveries using FarEye.


New Rules For Improving Grocery Delivery & Boosting Last-mile Performance

Handle on-demand and hyperlocal deliveries with ease at scale

FarEye helps you create, orchestrate and control on-demand delivery operations through its flexible SaaS platform. With this, you can meet your delivery SLAs while you have the agility to scale your delivery operations as your demand grows while not inflating your costs.You can manage tight SLAs with ease using FarEye's real-time dynamic routing and cater to unexpected demand surges through driver crowdsourcing.

What Do You Get?


Driver Crowdsourcing App

With severe demand fluctuations being the very nature of food and grocery deliveries, managing drivers and figuring a profitable engagement model is a Herculean task. FarEye’s driver crowdsourcing app makes it easy for food and grocery delivery companies to onboard crowdsourced drivers with ease through the mobile app.


Contactless Deliveries

Ensure safety and security of your customers and your staff through non-contact deliveries. Leverage capabilities such as temperature tracking of delivery staff on the mobile app, in-built support for national and international compliance apps, digital wallet integrations for cash-free payments. Execute curb-side deliveries and outside-door deliveries with ease.


Dynamic Planning(Roster)

While running delivery operations, dynamic roster planning helps companies sort out allocation issues based on driver availability with unseen ease. This has several capabilities such as integrations with HRMS platforms, importing spreadsheets etc. which help in driver information interchange across systems so that the deliveries do not suffer due to manual management of driver operations orchestration.


Performance Management With Gamification

The key to profitability and customer retention in a highly competitive market such as food and groceries is the overall customer experience. This, on the other hand depends on driver performance. Leverage the power of gamification and delivery staff leaderboards so you can motivate them to perform based on gamification and this also ultimately impacts the customer experience.


Maximum Flexibility For Your Customers

Customers can pick their own delivery time slots and brands can manage their time windows for their deliveries accordingly. In addition to empowering them with flexibility in the choice of delivery slots, it can also help in giving them real-time track and trace, chatbot support and the flexibility to change delivery slots in real-time.

Achieve Cost-Controlled Superior Delivery Experience

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