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Transportation Visibility For Manufacturers

Get multi-modal predictive visibility & improve production planning

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Real-time Transportation Visibility

Inbound and outbound logistics visibility for manufacturers is critical for managing production planning efficiently. Predictive visibility with real-time ETAs can significantly improve plant operations and yard management. It also makes carriers accountable for their SLAs and performance, thereby driving profitable business decisions. It also solves challenges related to visibility thereby mitigating in-transit threats.


Get instant line haul visibility

Whether it is inbound or outbound transportation, across multiple modes involving multiple carrier partners, get real-time multimodal line haul visibility. With IoT-driven tracking by FarEye, ensure continuous visibility into the journey of shipments from starting point to destination. Measure route performance, carrier performance and drive better stakeholder collaboration through FarEye’s all-in-one(web & mobile) portal to drive insight-driven action.

What Do You Get?


Track & Trace Visibility

Identify in real-time the status of each shipment from a consolidated interface. Let all your stakeholders be on the same page with regard to shipment status with real-time visibility with predictive ETAs so that they can control plant activities, especially on the yard side, with data-backed planning.


Prevent In-transit Threats

Avoid transit risks such as threats and pilferage by detecting unauthorized stoppages and route deviations. Leverage FarEye to drive on-time deliveries with adherence to pre-planned break times, authorised fuel stations and pre-planned routes.


Ocean Tracking

Achieve seamless cross-border logistics visibility through FarEye’s ocean tracking capabilities. WIth extensive port & carrier-level integrations, achieve on-time delivery even for shipments that are moved across different ports and borders.


Carrier Performance Management

With FarEye, you can ensure that your carrier partners are accountable for their SLA adherence and ETA-ATA variance. This helps you make informed carrier selection decisions, thereby helping you cut operational costs and boost profitability.

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